Heels over Head

I feel like I need to hang my head in shame because of my serious beyond serious lack of blogging. I just hope I haven't lost friends over this.

So Christmas is over. That came and went so fast I can't even quite believe it. Brad and I made out like bandits this Christmas! Everyone was SOOOOOOOO good to us!! The niceness was uncalled for really. We don't deserve it. We went to California and stayed with Brads Mom, Step-Dad and littler brother. It. was. so. fun!!! And relaxing and enjoyable and all those good words. I love going and spending time with them, although it's probably really best I DONT go visit them because I never want to leave, and I have to. It's tragic.

It was a little colder there than when we went 2 years ago- but hey we were still in shorts and flip flops and most importantly there was NO SNOW. That's really all that matters to me. Our plane was delayed for 3 1/2 hrs on our way back and that was lame- but whatever, at least we didn't have to drive right? Right.

Well I hope you all had a great holiday. Sorry that I'm only over a week late in saying that.


Kar said...

Frikkin' finally! I check everyday for a new post. Love it.

Kaela said...

Glad to have you back:) AND glad your holidays were so good!

(amy) said...

i love that you used a boys like girls song title as YOUR title.