my first photos.

i want you

brad and i are going to get some cruisers this summer. im excited. I think this is the one i'm getting...just in mint green, light blue, or maybe this same vanilla.


Our new addition to the family

this canon lens was our big purchase this weekend. i have been really inspired looking through some friends' blogs and seeing all their amazing pictures. I dont plan ever being a legit photographer of course- but i really think it would be an awesome talent and hobby to have. so i think since we have a decently nice camera that i might as well learn the ropes and try to learn how to take some nice pictures.

im just really really inspired by cool art and colors and so since i really love it- i might as well try to tune my eye to be able to make some cool art myself thru the camera(since i will NEVER be a painter)

anyway. its going to take me a lot of time and practice to actually start being decent. but maybe sometime in the future i'll put some pictures up. but maybe i'll always be terrible and never post pictures. we'll see :)


Our Friday Night....

Thai Food and old school cartoons.

Solid. Gold.


no way that pam nailed meredith in the head with a football.



family love michael

my GROSS conversation with brad at los hermanos.

Me: How can you eat refried beans. They look so gross.
Brad: Oh but they're so creamy.
Me: I don't care- I still stand by the fact that it looks like cat diarrhea.

Small Pause

Brad: Well then we need to buy a cat.
Brad: Well YOU started it.
Me: Well, true. But still! There's a big difference between saying it LOOKS like it, and saying that if we had a cat you'd eat it's diarrhea!!!!!!!!!

it made me lose my appetite for sure. so i dont know why i shared it. Its a force of nature- like if something tastes terrible.."ew gross..try this" but anyway. lets hug.


so yum

So I am so going through a Muddy Buddy phase in my life right now. Call it hormones and call me crazy- but I could just eat these things all day. But luckily I haven't been. PHEEEW!

but i did make some on Tuesday and they were soo good. but I was so mad because I had the chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter all melted and ready to pour over the cereal- and read on the recipe 9 Cups Corn or Rice Chex. I had bought LIFE, NOT CHEX! So i ran to the store faster than ever before and all was well.

But I thought I might just share the recipe so you all can partake.

9 Cups Corn or Rice Chex ( i prefer the corn, but whatever)
1 Cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter
1/4 Cup Butter
1 tsp Vanilla
1 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar

Will also need:
Wax Paper
1 Gallon freezer bag

Melt Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter and Butter in bowl in microwave for 1 minute. Stir and heat for 30 more seconds. You just want to get it melted - You can do another 30 seconds if needed. Remove from microwave and add Vanilla. Pour mixture over Cereal and make sure all the cereal gets coated with the chocolate mixture. Put cereal in 1 Gallon Ziplock Bag, pour in Powdered Sugar and mix. Spread out on Wax Paper until cool. (I think cooling them is an important step or they could get soggyish). and then......


nice suspenders

So this is my brother Ammon. He's basically crazy if you ask me. He is a bullfighter- aka a rodeo clown (but i think calling a bullfighter a rodeo clown is frowned upon- ESPECIALLY by the bullfighter. cuz c'mon- if you did this...wouldnt you prefer the more manly title of 'bullfighter'. I think you would) Anyway- Like I said- he's a bullfighter for the Intermountain Pro Rodeo Association. He does rodeos in Tooele at 4th of July, Ogden, Spanish Fork, Logan- pretty much all over Utah and some surrounding states. As much as I love my brother- I HATE going to a rodeo he's in because it scares me to death. I prefer not actually even hearing when he's going to be doing a rodeo cuz I worry about him.

But anyway- I just saw some of these pictures he had on his facebook account and I just thought I'd share, because I love him and I know he loves doing rodeos - so I'm proud of him for doing it. He got some award like Bullfighter of the Year or something (I guess I should know that as a sister) and he got this totally decked out huge belt buckle for it. It's his pride and joy. What a funny boy. It's so wierd to me that my own brother is a cowboy of sorts. Cuz I'm so not that way. But oh well.

look at how high that bull is kicking- who knew they could be so agile?
I dont know why anyone would think this was a good idea....but he did this little "act" thing to entertain the crowd where he would ride a bull backwards- with his feet tucked under its horns.

Um.. don't think I could even stand on that barrel- especially whilst having that bull charging at me. But I guess he didn't mind- just gave him more leverage to jump over the bull- and que the picture below....

just a couple quotes from tonight

Michael: "What part of shorn't don't you understand, Kevin?"

Michael: "Oscar Meyer Weiner...lover"

Phyllis: "Michael, I have a friend that is single...Sandy. She's gorgeous and has a FEISTY personality."
Michael: "Hmm...feisty.. So she's not jolly or sassy? Not like a jolly sassy opera singer?"

Michael on the phone: "This is Kevin's friend, Michael." "this isn't Wendy." "Well can you put her on then please." "dude, this is a Wendys restaraunt."

stop it right now

im sorry to be talking about dodge ball AGAIN, but I am. I was soo hyper after playing dodge ball last night - cuz it was so surprisingly fun, and when I got home I started looking at blogs and WOULDNT YOU JUST KNOW!!! My friends Spencer and Ashley had just posted about dodgeball. Spencer was in a dodgeball tournament! How cool is that?!! I always knew I loved them. It sounds hilarious! and I really hope there's a dodgeball tournament around here. Some of those young men from my ward should be on a team. I would NEVER join a dodgeball tournament, because I'm like the worst ever- but I would be there yelling obsenities, i mean just yelling, from the sidelines.

i'm in serious dodgeball pain today. in hindsight, i was probably too rambunxious last night and will now be released. (brad thinks i might just be asked to not come back.) there's just too many reasons why i should be released because of last night- 1) I was terrible and that's just embarrassing 2)I was sweating so bad, it was gross (especially cuz i was dressed up) 3)i yelled way too much, and way too loud. 3) i cheered when people got hurt (and I think i even laughed at others misfortunes a couple times- but hey they could laugh at my fall if they wanted.) 4) i cheated on one of my General Conference question- well not cheated per se, but I had already been asked a question before and didnt tell them

all in all- im too overzealous about this whole dodgeball thing and I recognize and accept that. so onto the next stage....what IS the next stage after acceptance? -denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance............?? oh i think thats the last one. and i think those are the stages of grief anyway.

ok- im done posting about dodgeball....for now. please keep reading my blog!

mild disclaimer:

[might i just add a small disclaimer for my incessant capitalizing and over punctuating on that last post- I just got a facebook account despite my serious amount of thinking it's lame and pointless- and wouldn't you know..it was like freaking Christmas. I found so many people that I haven't seen or heard from forever. so it made me really excited. (and let's face it- i just realllly enjoyed dodgeball tonight- although I kept having to choose my words carefully because there were, after all, large balls and small balls, red ones and blue ones, that were flying all over and towards heads and such. "WHOA! I ALMOST GOT HIT BY TWO BIG BALLS!" see ....not so good. "throw me some of those big balls would ya!" ALSO not so good. i could continue, but I think you get the picture. Im not trying to be crass, to you sweet people, it was just a fact of life. I just didnt want to sound like a perv.)

so anyway.... braddy - thank you for FORCING me into getting a facebook acct. and I mean he really did have to force me- like twist my arm, hold me at gunpoint type of force me. I don't know why I thought it was such a teeny bopper thing to do..because it's more decent than i thought.

i guess its true- senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel...CAN still serve a purpose.

what the heck...let's all be friends!]


Post #144- Beef Frequently

So no way. I went to Mutual tonight- do they still call it mutual? Or is it Young Mens/Young Womens? I should know this- but I feel its not that big of a deal. Anyway. There were like 15 young men and 3 or 4 young mens leaders - and 3 girls, and 4 of us woman leaders- and yes that is the technical name of my calling- woman leader. So it was a combined YM YW tonight- we played dodgeball. I was quite skeptical at first- what with me being all out of shape, not a good aim, being dressed up, having on glasses and a major fear of getting hit in the head. But when it came to go time..... holy cow- I kept TRYING to calm down and NOT be so into it- but I couldn't help it!!! Just when I would tell myself to take it down a notch, a teammate would nail someone in the head with a big red ball and I'd be screaming and high fiving all OVER the place!!!! It was just too fun!

If you got out you had to go answer a question from General Conference and then you could go back in. It was great because they ran out of questions and starting asking Articles of Faith- get out of my way is all I have to say about that!! I can say all 13 of them in like 60 seconds. So I was out IN out IN out IN that fast!

So anyway we played for an hour straight. my arm. is SO dead. I could only ever get this one kid out- cuz he would always stand up close to our side and was NEVER paying attention. It was rad. k maybe it WAS a cheap shot. but hey- NOT MY FAULT!! go stand back against the wall if you dont want to run the risk of having Dodgeball Frandsen all over you k!!!

Low Points of the night
- Coming straight from work and being dressed up and getting all sorts of sweaty. sliding on my own pants that were dragging on the ground and falling sooo hard on my tailbone. feeling so old because after throwing the ball 2 times my arm felt like it might fall off. and almost falling...again- get a grip right?!

High Points - well not getting hit in the head like this one kid was nice. Every time he came back in from getting out he kept getting hit in the head, or close to. poor guy. It knocked his glasses off and i think he might have cried. I felt bad...and feared for my own head. 2nd High point- Having one of the young men put on some fingerless gloves so he could get a better grip on the ball, and being totally for real about it....sweeet.

So now that I've lost the respect of my fellow woman leaders (and all of you i'm SURE) from being so rowdy at mutual, and now that my arm is about to be sore for the rest of eternity, and finally now that I've used up this week's quota of exclamation points and capital letters- im going to bed!!

ix-nay on the atorade-hay

So MAYBE I listen to Prince. And MAYBE I DO listen to '7' approximately 3 or 4 times a day.

I don't understand all the animocity. Why does noone else like Prince?

It's not such a crime is it?

I think not, kerels.


does anyone mind if i kill myself

I sometimes wonder how the heck I work where I work. Some of the people in this place are so crazy. The other day I walked by the breakroom, walked 2 steps past the doorway stopped, paused, and reversed. Because I just HAD to make sure I had seen/heard correctly. The room was full of people eating lunch and there was a kid with his back turned to everyone, staring out the windows, playing a guitar. Wha? huh? wha? I think it's great he plays the guitar..in fact I wish i knew how to play the guitar (well not to brag, but I DO know Im leaving on a Jetplane....and When You Say Nothin at All - but I think everyone that went to Ricks College learned those 2 songs on the guitar). But I just thought it was strange that he A) Brought his guitar to work B)thought it would be a good idea to serenade everyone with his back facing them while they ate lunch and C)i dont know..but it's just strange.

We also have a Laaarge man that has a shaved head EXCEPT for the top part of his head. He keeps that part long and fashioned in a pony tail. So youve got the ponytail and full head of hair for the top 1/4 of his head, and the bottom 3/4 is military style. Well he sports around an oxygen tank all day cuz he clearly can't breathe right. But what makes me a little baffled is that I see him outside with his oxygen tank by his side (oxygen face mask off) smoking a cigarette. That's like a double whammy right??..or am IIIIII the crazy one??? I googled 'white trash hair styles', and shockingly enough this picture WASNT the first picture to come up. I was just SURE that's what he must have told his 'stylist' he wanted. "I want a #2 on the sides and alllll white trash up top please." But anyway- this is the closest thing to his hair style I could find- but he just has more shaved and less 'pony'.

There is also this old woman...watch she's probably like 37...and she just LOOKS like she lived to be 103, and has now been dead for 12 years (because of all the smoking). She is entirely short and round and is always waddling to the bathroom or is outside on the bench with one stubby leg up, smoking. One day I was leaving work and stopped outside to talk to a friend and she was of course out smoking and apparently had to waddle back inside to use the bathroom- and as she "walked" away (and I use that term loosely) ..she said, "if my ride comes, tell them i'll be back." what?! I have seen this lady AROUND, but I don't KNOW her. She just works in the bldg. I don't know who her ride is, and I'm sure as heck not sticking around to see the death that is picking her up!!

She always uses the handicap stall and she stands there and shakes the door if someone is using the stall. Its so strange.

I could go on about some of the other people that I see on a regular basis. But I'm getting depressed thinking about all the wierdos, so I'll end. Sometimes its entertaining, but most times it's just crumby. really crumby.

PS... As to not make you think Im TOTALLY heartless...yes sometimes I do feel bad for talking about these kinds of people. I should be nicer. But sometimes it just really bothers me that they are so WIERD!

PPS...And please don't MAKE me tell you about some of the things I've seen, heard, and smelled in those fungus bathrooms to justify my bitterness. Just trust me on this one k.

Nippley man I met..ate my motorboat

Okay if you haven't seen this video on youtube...you really need to. It's a Thriller music video..Indian style. And there are subtitles that are how the lyrics sound in English. Does that make sense?? You'll see as you watch it- it's obviously not a direct translation, its just what the words the guy is saying sounds like in English.

anyway...saw this on Mike Ds blog and LOVED it.



so we FINALLY got my entire family together for a picture. it was before my little sisters reception in Idaho. My mom just wanted a casual one in her house. (I know it looks a little disorganized and ghetto-ish....oh thats cuz it is- we just had a family friend take it. NO PROFESSIONALS FOR US!) And for the final one that we had printed, Brad cropped it and photo shopped out all the surrounding stuff- i.e. the plant and entertainment center.

(click to enlarge... if you DARE)
Me, Ammon, Andy, Sam, Amy, Anneke, Cyndie, Tom
Brad, Paige, Anna, Makenna, My mom, Kate, Abbie, Kaydence, Kylee, Aaron
(yes, all 6 of us kids' names start with 'A', and yes my older bros names are Ammon and Aaron)

My brother in law Sam said he didn't want to be on the end because he didn't want to look like we let the hired hand join in the family picture- since he is tongan and has dark skin. HA i thought it was hilarious. I love my family. Even though we are a bunch of crazies.

oh everyone

I would like to take a moment in time to apologize for my lack of posting..A. And my lack of commenting..B. I normally *dont' really listen to this part* blog during work (for shame, I KNOW) and anyway for the past week or so it won't let me add a new post, or leave comments. It blocks everything- so sorry about that.

So I'm going to have to try to remember to do my blog perusing AFTER work...at home.

So anywho- whats new in my life?? um...oh I got released from the Relief Society Presidency after 2 1/2 years and I got called a couple weeks ago to be the Laurel advisor. It's been awesome so far. It's so crazy though..I have totally forgotten what it's like to be 16/17. And thank HEAVENS for THAT. That would be a little joinky....an almost 27 year old that still feels like a 17 year old. Not good!

so anyway. thats the newest thing in my life. and now..I will be going through your blogs now.

(and yes, i did just make up the word 'joinky' use it how you will.)