ix-nay on the atorade-hay

So MAYBE I listen to Prince. And MAYBE I DO listen to '7' approximately 3 or 4 times a day.

I don't understand all the animocity. Why does noone else like Prince?

It's not such a crime is it?

I think not, kerels.


Kar said...


"Two thousand zero zero, party over, it's outta time!
So Tonight I'm gonna party like it's nineteen ninety nine!"

Yes. I love Prince.

Jarubla said...

Mark another line on your whiteboard for another Prince fan.

The ones I like best are:

"Little Red Corvette"
"Strawberry Beret"
"Purple Rain"

He is a bit of a freak, true, but who the heck isn't in the music world? Think Bowie, think Mercury, heck think Pat Boone!

Good tunes, that Prince fellow. And at least he isn't "Slave" anymore...


Kim said...

Scott LOVES Prince....almost quit dating him because of it...but I've learned to like his music.

ANDREA said...

i knew i always loved you guys BEST. Everyone else is just piddle.

Jen Jen said...

i love PRINCE!!

"you don't have to rich to be my girl...you dont have to be cool to rule my my world.

Aint no particular sign Im more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

Kiss! "

Dover said...

Prince in my opinion is one of the best song writers over the last 20 years. A little Prince FYI, he wrote "Nothing Compares To You" that Sinéad O'Connor made so famous. Anyway Prince is pretty underrated.