the finished product

its so artsy fartsy in here

So FHE tonight in the frandsen household was quite the art extravaganza.  Im going to display a couple pictures right about now and you shall guess which one i did and which one brad did.  okay GO

So clearly mine is the flowers. and if you didn't guess correctly then you're absolutely retarded and should be tied to a cactus. (i was going to say thrown off a cliff or be shot, but that was just a bit harsh)   but yeah- so mine was the flowers that are like unto something that you might find in a toilet.  But I do have to say I was so proud of myself.  I am like the worlds worst drawer slash painter- it is just so not in my genetic makeup...AT. ALL.  But it was fun to watercolor for the first time in my life.   Brad used to watercolor alot and then after his mission he switched to oil painting.   we had a really fun time and his tree isn't quite yet finished.  it will be rad school when its done.  i wish he had done it really big rather than on a half sheet of paper so that we could put it on our wall.  

my signature.  amazing.   

ok in all honestly- as fun as it was to just play around and try watercoloring- it was so frustrating because i had this vision of how i wanted it to come out.  and yeah- need i say more.  it looks like a 7 month old painted it.  i totally love art and am so incredibly in love and sucked in by colors and the amazingness of art and i wish i could do it.  and i am even more amazed now than i was before at people who can draw and paint- its absolutely incredible to me.  they make it look so easy- and its so not easy. 

k time for 24.