Dear The Office- I heart you.

So I watched the new Office 3 times in a row last night. There has never been a funnier episode.

Here are some of my favorite lines:

Okay! So I have flaws. I sing in the shower...sometimes I spend too much time volunteering....Occassionally I'll hit someone with my car

You know what they say about forgiveness in the Bible...Forgiveness is next to Godliness

Michael Scotts Dunder Mifflin Meredith Palmers Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Race for the Cure, this is Pam.

Im not SUPERstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Did anyone do anything involving an Indian burial ground?

Michael: I would now like to talk about each of your individual religious beliefs.
Toby: Oh, Michael you can't ask about religious beliefs.
Michael: Satan (referring to Toby) is the master of lies. Everything he says is the opposite.
Toby: Alright then, you CAN ask about religious beliefs.
Michael: Thank you for the permission. PSYCH!

Maybe there's some sort of animal that we can make a sacrifice to. Like a giant buffalo. OR some sort of monster, like something with the body of a walrus, with the head of a sea lion. Or something with the body of an egret with the head of a meerkat. Or JUST the head of a monkey..with the antlers of a reindeer.....and the body of a porcupine.

I thought they'd be good together like PB&J........Pam Beasley and Jim. WHAT A WASTE! What...A....Waste!!

A woman should NOT have to be hit with a car to find out she has rabies. But that's where we are in America.

Michael, 5k means 5 kilometers...not 5 thousand miles.

Kevin: Michael you can not make me run
Michael: Look, I know you're probably scared of people seeing your fat legs in shorts.

*Andy covering his nipples with gauze and tape*
I'm petrified of nipple chafing. Once it starts it's a vicious circle. You have sensitive nipples - they chafe - so they become more sensitive - so they chafe more. So I take precautions.

Wait, this money IS going to bat birth control right Michael? Thats what you told me when I contributed.

MYTH! 3 Americans die every year from rabies. FACT! FOUR Americans every year die from rabies.

It truly is the deadly killer. NO, it is the foaming barking killer.

NO, no water for me when rabies causes fear of water - SOLIDARITY!


And while I eventually puked my guts out, I NEVER puked my heart out. And I'm very proud of that.

Some funny shots on the show:

Phyllis making a quilt that had a picture of a racoon, bat and rat on it. I loved that Michael told her she was really capturing the spirit of Merdith.

Andy with his bloody nipples.

Michael almost quitting the race like 10 feet from where the "finish line" was.

Just the whole show was too funny. I love you The Office and I'm glad youre back on!!!!


Might I just say....

Can I just say how lucky I feel this week. For oh so long, I have been wondering how and where some of my closest friends are- Joanna, Kaela and Bethany. I have had no idea of how to contact them- and within the past few days all 3 have contacted me!!! I love it! It's made my life worth living. Now you just need to email me, so that I can get more updates on your kids and lives and such! I love you guys soo soo sooo soo soo soo soo soo soo much!!!!!!!!!! My email is andreafrandsen@gmail.com

Loves be unto you all


Dear lady in Stall #3,

I'm wondering what made you think it was a good idea for you to talk to people on your cell phone whilst on the toilet...in a public restroom.


Don't make me CRY

Wow. Me really tired equals me really emotional. I just cried watching LA Ink. I hope I can make it through the upcoming episode of Saved by the Bell. Jessie and Slater have relationship problems. Maybe I shouldn't watch- this could turn into a weepy mess.

Happy Anniversary

Well yesterday, September 18th, was our 3rd wedding anniversary! Oh Brad Frandsen I love you!! These 3 years have been so fun and fabulous. Well the first year was pretty much hell most of the time, if we're being honest- but SINCE then it's been fun and fabulous. And that really is the truth. I really think I have the funniest husband in the world. Sometimes I have to tell him to
seriously stop talking so that I don't throw up from laughing. He makes me so happy. He is so creative and smart and is such a hard worker. He is my best friend and I could spend every hour of every day with him and still want to spend more time with him. I think he sometimes thinks I am crazy that I just can't get enough of him, but I just can't help myself. He is such a happy person and he's made my life a better one. LOVE YOU FRANDSEN!!

okay- so im adding a "correction" if you will onto this post, due to the amount of shocked readers. When I said our first year was pretty much hell- let me just say that it was NOT all bad- we just had some rough spots which everyone does. don't try to tell me you didnt. k thats all.

i should be sleeping

*Sigh* It is 3:28 am on Wednesday 19 September. Please tell me why I'm awake, for I do not know. Do you ever have those nights where your dreams are wierd and they keep you up and then your husband keeps talking in his sleep and you just can't sleep.. you're uncomfortable, and you hope that its almost time to get up cuz you just don't want to deal with the nighttime anymore. Well that's me... right now. I am SO looking forward to 3:30 because Full House is on then. It's the one where Danny is out of town and DJ, being the sneaky thing that she is, fakes sick so that Joey will excuse her from school so that she can go with Kimmy to the mall to get Stacey Q's autograph. "Stacey Q!! She's SO RAD!!!!" (That is a direct quote from the show for your enjoyment). Well of course she gets busted and Joey has to punish her, because- he can't let that kind of behavior slide! (AND he must feel pretty stupid for getting duped by a 12 year old- so now he has to show her who is boss right) Deej- I hope you have learned your lesson. And Bob Sagget- I wish you weren't such a terrible actor.



i just got back from my 2nd concert ever, and my first keith urban concert! it was awesomeness!!!! i didnt know i loved him so much. it was amazing and im so glad i went!!!!!!!!!!!! ...just keep on movin into me i know youre gonna see the best is yet to come...

*****After thought- I just realized, I havent only been to Weezer and Keith Urban concerts - I went to the Jets concert w/ my Mom and Amy and I believe Andy when I was like 15. HMM, here's an after thought on my after thought - Can a Jets performance at USU really be counted as a concert. It sure seemed big time to me being 15 and from Preston, ID.