i should be sleeping

*Sigh* It is 3:28 am on Wednesday 19 September. Please tell me why I'm awake, for I do not know. Do you ever have those nights where your dreams are wierd and they keep you up and then your husband keeps talking in his sleep and you just can't sleep.. you're uncomfortable, and you hope that its almost time to get up cuz you just don't want to deal with the nighttime anymore. Well that's me... right now. I am SO looking forward to 3:30 because Full House is on then. It's the one where Danny is out of town and DJ, being the sneaky thing that she is, fakes sick so that Joey will excuse her from school so that she can go with Kimmy to the mall to get Stacey Q's autograph. "Stacey Q!! She's SO RAD!!!!" (That is a direct quote from the show for your enjoyment). Well of course she gets busted and Joey has to punish her, because- he can't let that kind of behavior slide! (AND he must feel pretty stupid for getting duped by a 12 year old- so now he has to show her who is boss right) Deej- I hope you have learned your lesson. And Bob Sagget- I wish you weren't such a terrible actor.

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CwazyLawa said...

Are you making fun of my Sagget?!? Watch America's Funniest Videos and THEN try to tell me he is a bad actor!! (Truthfully though, it is horrifying to watch with all the monolog-ish-ess-ness.)
AND I LOVE THAT EPISODE! Heaven knows I've faked sick a time or two to go to a concert for THEE STACEY Q VALENTINE! Who hasn't? Plus, I've got all 6 seasons so far... you must come and borrow! :)