stupid walmart

did you all know that one time i went to walmart and bought a big tupperware bin and after the cashier handed me my receipt i put my gum in it and threw it in a trash then headed to the door. the "cute little old man greeter" (pshhh....more like little old jerk) asked me for my receipt. "oh i just threw it in the garbage over there". "oh well i'll need to see it." "um, but i put my gum in it and i threw it away." "well i need to see it." you have to be kidding. then i went and dug it out. can you believe i even found it.


totes awes weekend (totally awesome weekend)

So this weekend was fab. My favorite little sister was in town- I love her lots. Amy flew in from Mesa to go to the New Kids on the Block concert with me and my old...I mean oldER sister Anneke. :) We had soo much fun. It was fun to see Amy since I haven't seen her forever and also be able to spend time with my mom and also meet my brothers fiance Natalie this weekend as well.

So we got to the concert at 8 and Lady Gaga was opening and so we listened to her- she was fine- I liked some of her music, she was a good entertainer- just a little wierd.

Then Natasha Bedingfield was on- she sounded AAAAMAAAZZING!!! She was so so so great in person. I love her.

Then came the New Kids themselves. It was awesomeness. I couldn't believe I was seeing them in person. They came out to the middle of the floor and sang a couple of songs and we were 12 rows up in the seats so they were fairly close- it was awesome. We did a lot of screaming and alot of dancing and alot of laughing- just cuz me and my sisters are funny. So it started at 8 and ended around 1115. We parked right by the exit so we were out of there and on our way home in like 5 mins- it was perfect. Oh and our seats were up in the top balcony at the E Center and since there were so many people NOT there, they moved everyone that had seats up there down to the lower level! that was sweetness!!! (it was sad though because there were sooooo many empty seats. but i guess it is the new kids on the block..and they haven't been popular in like 15 years)

anyway all and all. way awesome weekend.



this is brads cute mom kim and step dad scott and little brother jakey. i love them. they are the best. and like i said...ARENT THEY CUTE?!?!?! brad went to california a couple weeks ago to spend some time with his family and to help with the prop 8 stuff (well to feel like he was involved) and he took some family pictures. he did a fabulous job and i wish i could have been there!


my latest quilt.

it's fun. i just loved the 40's style fabrics and the easy pattern. brad just loves actually having one that we are going to keep!


We were invited to a karaoke party on Halloween- we were all supposed to dress up as our favorite rocker or just a rocker in general. i dressed up as janice kapp perry. apparently some don't consider her a traditional "rocker" - but to those people i say, take a look at this and then you tell me she's NOT a rocker.

and yes that says "Janice kapp Perry's Parallel Universe"

so anyway-we had a fabulous halloween. how could you not dressed in a hot pink dressed with embroidered dragon flies on it!

my sick day

WRWJ. no- not WWJD....WRWJ...walter ray williams jr.

for some unknown reason brad and i watched bowling on tv today. i think it was because we had a slumber party with 3 of my cute little neices friday and we played alot of wii bowling. my 5 year old niece started off bowling a 144 then a 183 then a 197 and ended up a couple games later at 258!!! it was awesome. i was so shocked! go abbie! so anyway. when we saw bowling on tv we were strangely drawn to it.

oh crap. it was hilarious. i'm not compleeetely knocking serious bowlers- cuz good for them. and because i love bowling and i wish i was better. but still! they were soooo intense and serious. we were like PEOPLE! ITS BOWLING! and the funniest thing is that the sponsors were dennys and super 8. hiiiigh class!! we just couldn't stop laughing. it was so funny.

so my advice is: if you see bowling on tv- do yourself a favor and watch it. it will be worth your time.