Hola Friends

So I don't necessarily have anything amazing to blog about today, but I feel I should write something. So I think I'll share a few things that I have done in the past week or so just to keep you updated on all the EXCITING things I do. (Exciting meaning- really average and slightly ridiculous and boring)

1. I have been yelled at on the phone at work. One guy yelled at me and then he realized he'd clicked on the wrong link to something- so it was entirely his fault and he really didn't need to call in, but he was still mad at me afterwards, wierd.

2. I have yelled at another driver, a couple of times, on the road for driving to slow while merging on to the freeway and I'm stuck behind them.

3. I bought a new bag and some cute green earrings at Nordstroms.

4. Gained a pound or two...grrr - but you'll see why below.

5. Had 2 cans of Dr. Pepper a day.

6. Ate a salad for lunch today, but counterbalanced any good that did with a Snickers milkshake.

7. Dropped food down my shirt more than twice in public and had to fish it out.

8. Ooh- speaking of fishing, I went fishing for the first time!

9. Went to Ikea, the new one in Draper for the first time.

10. Ate a meal at the Jones' with sausage in it and actually LOVED the sausage.

11. Cried in the grocery store because I talked to my little sister and missed her and wanted to fly to VA and hang out with her.

12. Wore polka dots 3 days in a row. (Mind you, these are at least 3 different shirts)

13. Watched a ton of King of Queens.

14. Surprisingly only played Guitar Hero once!!

15. Walked around in public with a button undone on my shirt on two occassions and my zipper down once.

16. Called T-Mobile to find out how much a couple phones I want would cost to upgrade to and was told by the kid that he'd have to put me on hold cuz he needed to pull up his "how much they cost list"

17. Learned alot about hookahs from a customer that called in about his merchant account. He sells them on his website.

and last, I only did my hair once. I have just been pulling it back in a pony tail.

Wow... after re-reading all that, I really am beginning to dislike myself.



So this weekend was soo soo soo fun!!! We went to Huntsville, UT to my sister-in-law's parents house that they just built that they haven't moved into yet. There were 3 couples and we had a blast. This house is right on the lake and its just ginormous!!! I will for sure add some pictures later- although no pics or words could do it justice. It was the most beautiful home in the most beautiful area- it was just so relaxing and perfect. And also, I got to go fishing for my first time!! Fishing was awesome- except for the fact that I had to jump in the cold muddy lake 3 times to unhook our lures that got stuck on one thing or another, I got so sunburned that I can barely move, aaaaand in 4 hours all we caught was a 3 inch fish that we had to throw back. All in all- I honestly can't wait to fish again- I loved it!!!!! It was just awesome to lounge around by the pool, make s'mores in the fire pit, watch boats on the lake, watch movies in the theater room, and laugh all weekend with friends. Good times. But now I'm back in my apt, back in reality and can only dream of the beloved estate on the lake, known as Ticklehook.


Wait...What'd you say?

So one of my most favorite things in life is when people sing the wrong words to songs. I do it all the time, in fact many a time I realize that the words I'm singing aren't even real words. I do have to say that my hubs Brad has had some of the funniest mix ups- so I feel the need to share.

The song: Blame it on the rain by Milli Vanilli
The OBVIOUS words:
"Blame it on the rain

Brads words:

"Blame it on the ranger"
He sang this on our first date- and he growled like a bear when he gave me a hug at my door when he was saying goodnight. How did this boy get a 2nd date?!

The song: Hands to Heaven by Breathe
The Actual words:
"Tonight you calm my restlesness"

Brads words:

"Tonight you call my breast nuts nice"
When I asked him what the heck breast nuts are, he said- I dont know! I just thought they were like chestnuts!

The song: Down on the Corner by Credence Clearwater Revival
CCR's words:
"Down on the Corner, Out in the street"

Brads words:

"Down on the Corner, Howdy in the street"

The song: Babys Got Back by Sir Mix-A-lot
The real words:
"Ooh, Rump-o'-smooth-skin You say you wanna get in my Benz?"

Brads words:

Ooh Rumpelstiltskin..say you wanna get in my Benz?"
I actually have heard many people getting this one wrong

The song: Break my Stride by Matthew Wilder
Aaaand the real words:
"Ain't nothin gonna break my stride"

Brads words:

"Aint nothin gonna break my spine"
I nearly died when he sang this. I LOVE IT!


CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS mE

So I graduated this week.......from my training class at work :) So I started a new job 2 1/2 weeks ago at Authorize.Net doing customer support. Its a great company and I love it. We had a two week training and so this past Monday after we took our final test- we had cake and got a certificate of graduation. Kind of funny - but way nice of them to do for us. There are 6 of us in my new training group, and they are all really awesome- so Im really happy I've found a good job with good people. So anywho- above is a picture of my Certificate- I tried to take a picture of it in the sunlight to let the gold shimmer. And theres also a pic of the 99% eaten cake. You can give me my graduation presents whenever you'd like, Thanks


Ah, Life

So tonight I went to a bridal shower for our good friend Bryan Freelands fiance Dawn. It was way fun because it was not like a regular bridal shower, it was just small and intimate. It was fun! My sister-in-law Meriel and her sister Rachel put it together and us 3 and Dawn's friend Natalie surprised Dawn tonight and took her to Salt Lake. First of all we went and ate an Italian restraunt Biaggis at the Gateway. (Way yum and really good priced by the way) Then we had just pitched in money and so we walked down to Victorias Secret and helped her pick out some goods. She's such a cute girl and it was all so worth it cuz she was so shocked when we surprised her and she was so happy about it cuz she thought she wasnt going to get a bridal shower. So yeah- fun night with the girls.

Right now I should be going to bed, but I decided to do a post- and watch Little People Big World and Dog the Bounty Hunter- that's right, Little People and Dog, I have my priorities straight, so stop questioning. My cute husband is making some homemade oreo cookies right now. Love you boyfriend! My husbands so funny, maybe I need to mention some facts about Brad right now.

1. When he says he has cleaned the house- he has cleeeeaned the house. He like washes baseboards, scrubs down the toaster, cleans all the spices in the spice racks, uses the lint brush on the microfiber couches, fluffs pillows, does laundry.......yeah- he's amazing!

2. Brad never gets brain freezes!! I didn't know that was possible. I thought of this cuz I just had one and he thought I was such a baby- but he just doesn't comprendo.

3. Ah, comprendo- that brings me to my next thought. I love, and I mean LOVE to use spanish words knowingly in the wrong context cuz it so irritates Brad. HA! I guess Im a bad wife for that, but it's hilarious. Cuz he every time corrects me immediately. The other day he even went as far as to tell me, when I purposely said "soy listo" (basically "I'm ready", just totally wrong context) that "If you learn wrong, you'll speak wrong" HA i love it.

4. Fransy Pants is basically the funniest person I know. Some of the things he says blows my mind, theyre so hilarious and I don't know how he comes up with them. I love it. He cracks me up all the time.

I love to call him Fransy Pants on occassion- like fancy pants combined with Frandsen

6. So my family is all about having our backs scratched. When I first started dating Brad and needed a back scratch- let's be honest- he sucked. But he has come a long way and is so sweet to scratch my back whenever I ask (and thats at LEAST once daily folks, so thats kindness)

Okay I could continue on, and I will sometime- but this is getting long, it's late and the real reason- - - the cookies are done. Peace.