So this weekend was soo soo soo fun!!! We went to Huntsville, UT to my sister-in-law's parents house that they just built that they haven't moved into yet. There were 3 couples and we had a blast. This house is right on the lake and its just ginormous!!! I will for sure add some pictures later- although no pics or words could do it justice. It was the most beautiful home in the most beautiful area- it was just so relaxing and perfect. And also, I got to go fishing for my first time!! Fishing was awesome- except for the fact that I had to jump in the cold muddy lake 3 times to unhook our lures that got stuck on one thing or another, I got so sunburned that I can barely move, aaaaand in 4 hours all we caught was a 3 inch fish that we had to throw back. All in all- I honestly can't wait to fish again- I loved it!!!!! It was just awesome to lounge around by the pool, make s'mores in the fire pit, watch boats on the lake, watch movies in the theater room, and laugh all weekend with friends. Good times. But now I'm back in my apt, back in reality and can only dream of the beloved estate on the lake, known as Ticklehook.

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