Hola Friends

So I don't necessarily have anything amazing to blog about today, but I feel I should write something. So I think I'll share a few things that I have done in the past week or so just to keep you updated on all the EXCITING things I do. (Exciting meaning- really average and slightly ridiculous and boring)

1. I have been yelled at on the phone at work. One guy yelled at me and then he realized he'd clicked on the wrong link to something- so it was entirely his fault and he really didn't need to call in, but he was still mad at me afterwards, wierd.

2. I have yelled at another driver, a couple of times, on the road for driving to slow while merging on to the freeway and I'm stuck behind them.

3. I bought a new bag and some cute green earrings at Nordstroms.

4. Gained a pound or two...grrr - but you'll see why below.

5. Had 2 cans of Dr. Pepper a day.

6. Ate a salad for lunch today, but counterbalanced any good that did with a Snickers milkshake.

7. Dropped food down my shirt more than twice in public and had to fish it out.

8. Ooh- speaking of fishing, I went fishing for the first time!

9. Went to Ikea, the new one in Draper for the first time.

10. Ate a meal at the Jones' with sausage in it and actually LOVED the sausage.

11. Cried in the grocery store because I talked to my little sister and missed her and wanted to fly to VA and hang out with her.

12. Wore polka dots 3 days in a row. (Mind you, these are at least 3 different shirts)

13. Watched a ton of King of Queens.

14. Surprisingly only played Guitar Hero once!!

15. Walked around in public with a button undone on my shirt on two occassions and my zipper down once.

16. Called T-Mobile to find out how much a couple phones I want would cost to upgrade to and was told by the kid that he'd have to put me on hold cuz he needed to pull up his "how much they cost list"

17. Learned alot about hookahs from a customer that called in about his merchant account. He sells them on his website.

and last, I only did my hair once. I have just been pulling it back in a pony tail.

Wow... after re-reading all that, I really am beginning to dislike myself.


Brad said...

You are hilarious... I love you babe... and PS.. the zipper thing was funny!

The End

Kim said...

I too wore polka dots this week twice...not same item!

mom said...

I would like something polka-dotted. :(

mom said...

I would like something polka-dotted. :(

mom said...

I would like something polka-dotted. :(

mom said...

oops. sorry about all those identical comments. I think I pushed a button too many times.

Andrea F said...

Mother Joyce- if you cant learn how to push the button only once, then dont leave comments okay. :) LOVE YOU

CwazyLawa said...

So about that KingaQ, are you gonna come over again or what!?! You need to get the next seasons, right? You should be done with those by now... so you're due for another dinner date with us. Oh. And that snickers milkshake is going to make me sneak out of work right now. Dang YOU!!!!

CwazyLawa said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME FRANCES?! Time for an update already!!

CwazyLawa said...