Hello crazy world


cute little blanky

I went to a free sewing class tonight at Corn Wagon in Springville where we learned how to make some easy little blankets that we are donating, some to my work at DCFS and some to the NICU at Timp Hospital in Orem. We just had to bring our own flannel fabric to make them. Here is how mine came out. I was realllly nervous while I was making it because you sew it pretty wierd so I was just sure I was screwing it all up - so I was so stoked when it came out how it was supposed to!

if you look reeeeallly closely you can see that the corner is indeed mitered! good job self!


more earrings

a little insomnia fun

there is one more pair..but im so annoyed with the fact that i have uploaded the pic of them three times and have accidentally deleted it three times..that im done trying for now


it's hysterosalpingogram time in 9 hours! woohoo. okay really not that excited. but just wanting to know if all is well.


so I made some little earrings this weekend. 3 pairs out of covered buttons and 2 pairs out of wool roving. they were fun to make and really easy - i just kind of did a poopy job on gluing the posts on. but that's okay. i'm just proud of myself for actually FINALLY making them!


and a big thank you to thee worst tattoo artist EVER for that beautiful rendition of this poor guy's wife.


3 new babies

No. I'm not having triplets. Or even twins. Or a singleness. BUT I DID HAVE 3 new nieces born in the month of September. That makes the score: Nieces - 11, Nephews - zip. All my little girlfriends are so cute and sweet, I love each one of their cute little heads!!!

here's the newest of the bunch.

sam with baby maiya

amy with baby maiya
baby isla bree
baby kara with her BLACK fuzzy hair!

arent they just sweet little pumpkin pies!


Baby Girl

my last few days have been full of this little sweet baby girl that has the craziest hair!! she just makes me smile and laugh she is so cute. oh man. i love her. too bad my brother and sis in law are so selfish and won't just let me keep her!!! some people...

I love my nieces. I have a niece on the way today - that will make 11 nieces in total, 4 this year, and the 3rd in the last month. I'm a lucky aunt!