3 new babies

No. I'm not having triplets. Or even twins. Or a singleness. BUT I DID HAVE 3 new nieces born in the month of September. That makes the score: Nieces - 11, Nephews - zip. All my little girlfriends are so cute and sweet, I love each one of their cute little heads!!!

here's the newest of the bunch.

sam with baby maiya

amy with baby maiya
baby isla bree
baby kara with her BLACK fuzzy hair!

arent they just sweet little pumpkin pies!


Sun said...

Congratulations, Auntie!

They are all some kind of super cute. I want a baby sooo bad!

K'Lyn said...

They are precious! congrats! How are you doing? !

Joyce said...

They sure are a cute bunch!

Kar said...

Yay for the one named Kara. Way to represent!