you prob'ly think this song is about you...dont you

i cant stop looking at my own blog- how vain am i. but its only to look at the rad school new banner that JD made me (under mine and Lara's creative direction) youre a wizard with those photoshop brushes stice. thanks again.


i HAD to because i'm dying laughing

are you shnazzin me?! these names kill me and i've even seen them before- but they never cease to make me laugh

Passerby Lady Steps
Little Wishes Plastic Dishes
Breath of a Criminal


Kentucky: 5 million people, 15 last names

Fact slash Miracle: I have done my hair FIVE days in a row! i know- im just as shocked as you are.

Fact slash Annoying slash Bless his heart: A little hunched over man was crossing University Ave yesterday and was walking negative 3 miles per hour- the light turned green...he started walking (well shuffling more like)...yellow light- Him: still shuffling....red light- Him: still shuffling, me: never getting to turn left. oh well. what a little dear.

Fact slash Awesome: I have gone to the gym at 6am two days in a row.

Fact slash Stupid: I left my keys at the gym yesterday (I rode with someone else, so i didn't need them to get in the car or anything) they sat on the hook at the gym all day. from 6am to 6pm. poor abandoned keys.

Fact slash Painful: I had a headache for 24+ straight hours that would NOT go away.

Fact slash Flesh Eating: After washing my hands a few times in the office at work I start to wonder if the soap is made of acid- it basically makes my skin shrivel up and DIE.

Fact slash Shoulda known Betta': I ate at Wingers yesterday and got the sticky fingers. sticky fingers equals urge to vomit.

Fact (Just Fact, no slash this time): I left the house yesterday wearing shoes, long pants, a sweater with a shirt underneath and a down coat with a fur lined hood and was still a little chilly. Brad left the house wearing a short sleeved shirt, shorts, and flip flops. "Do we live in the same universe?", I question.

and now...just for fun

Neon Flash Cash
Goblit From Bethlahem
Moon Light Gravey


so in love

Im so so so so in love with the weekend brad and i just had..well its not even over yet. I don't post that many pictures, but I'm going to today- and don't judge me because they are just plain and not amazing even though I have take 2 beginning photography classes.

So Thursday was our 4th year anniversary. We haven't ever really done anything for our anniversary because sure we could go pay money and stay in a hotel but it always seems like a waste because its too expensive to stay somewhere really nice. Well Brad took Friday off so we could do something together, but we really didn't have any idea where to go or what to do. We thought we might just go somewhere nice for dinner and then just stay at home. Well Brad found this package deal through the Hotel Park City, where you get to stay in a Cottage Suite and get a 3 course meal at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for $349. We've heard that Ruth's Chris is AMAZZZING and the suite at the hotel sounded amazing as well so we thought we'd just go for it. It didn't look like there were any reservations so Brad called and they were like oh yeah we have some openings for that suite and its $289..so we were like SWEET, even cheaper than it said online. So we booked it and when the lady was reconfirming she was like oh- woops I am looking at an October date, but luckily there was still an opening for last night and since she already told us the October price, she gave it to us for that price. So we were so excited I wanted to puke because we were actually GOING SOMEWHERE and DOING SOMETHING FUN and yeah..it was just exciting.

So I can't even describe how amazing this place is and how private and cool and cozy and stuff these cool cottages are. They are away from the main hotel and surrounding the golf course. There are 9 cottages and they have 4 rooms - 6 rooms in them. Oh man- I love this place. So our room had a seperate bedroom behind nice thick wooden french doors, it had a huge tall king bed that was sooooo comfortable and a fireplace and a mounted flat screen tv. there were walls of windows and a door to the patio where our own private jacuzzi was. Down the hall there is a washer/dryer a closet that had our thick robes in them a bathroom with a jetted tub a glass surround shower with 3 shower heads and of course a little room with the toilet. The living room had a little kitchenette with a small fridge, a dishwasher, cupboards with nice dishes, etc. Then there were comfy leather couches a big fireplace with a big flat screen mounted above that. There was also a door off the living room that went out to the patio too. On the patio was like I said the 6 person jacuzzi and a fireplace. We were right on the golf course. It was just so nice and quiet and perfect. So we had planned to go shopping and stuff but when we got there we were like, yeah right- we don't want to leave this room. The only time we left was to go to dinner at Ruths Chris which was attached to the main hotel. So we went to dinner and I can't stop thinking about that steak. I want to eat it everyday. I have never had such an amazing piece of meat in. my. life. Nothing I've ever had even COMPARES! I loved it. So we each had a delicious salad to start off with and then we got our filets- oh my gosh. my mouth is literally watering thinking about it. Okay- let me get myself together here...so they season the steak with salt and pepper and sear it at 1800 degrees and then serve it on a 500 degree plate with bubbling steak butter. They use like the highest grade of steak and its like nothing else i've ever tasted. It was so incredible. And we got Potatoes AuGratin which were amazingly delicious as well. Then for dessert we got a chocolate lava explosion...amazing!! It was moist and rich and delicious. It was a cake thing with gnoche spilling out of it, ice cream on top and caramel drizzled on the sides. It was a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Okay well anyway- all I have to say is...is this was worth EVERY SINGLE DANG PENNY and then some. Seriously- you should ALLLL Go!!! you won't regret it..but you won't want to come home. so just be aware.

row of the cottages- arent they cute buildings!??! i love them

double rainbow- cant really see it ..sorry

View of the cottage from the back (our room was the bottom left)

Up Close view of our patio


Living Room Fireplace and Tv

Living room and door to the patio



its almost midnight. i should probably go to bed. but i can hear brad snoring from in here, so i dont know that i'd really sleep anyway even if i went to bed. bless his little snoring heart. speaking of blessing little hearts. I started a beginning digital photography class yesterday. its only 5 weeks long because its just a continuing education class. i learned tons - it was pretty sweet. but this was a class for people with SLR cameras, and some lady brought like just a regular little digital camera. like the kind you'd buy at best buy for 150 $ that has like 5 megapixels or something. oh bless her little heart. she was like, oh i didn't realize this class was for fancy cameras. again....... BLESS HER LITTLE HEART! i'll be honest, i was kind of bugged at first- like, really lady!? get a clue!! but that was just rude to think that. cuz blessssss. heeerrrrr. hearrrrt. (and yes, i said bless her heart 3 times just now)

so anyway. we went with the wakefields to dinner tonight, and then to the Mt View High football game and the bishop and his fam were there as well as the whole hatch clan. it was really enjoyable. oh high school. i loved high school. like, l-o-v-e, loved high school. i had so much fun, but im glad those days are done.

i got cold at the game and i can't seem to get warm, despite having a down blanket covering me right now and the mac on my lap- which the mac gets really warm when in use. but i guess its mostly because its my toes that are cold..and when they are cold- thats when i cant get warm. hmmmm - maybe i will go get in bed- then i can put my cold feet on brads legs and get them warm, WHICH will also stir him enough to make him stop snoring.



oh the days of yore

so when i first started working for DCFS we were working Monday thru Friday and fridays were always reallllly slow. like noone was here and so it was quiet. so now that we work 4 - 10's...thursdays are now like fridays, and so thursdays are dead. so basically people around here are only working like 3 days a week it feels like (dont get me wrong...more important people than me can work from home, and have more out of the office things to do..so they arent necessarily just slacking). but its just bored in here is all. and its now 6:05 so im leaving, so i dont even know why im sitting here bored anymore.

oh but in the way of big news... I got a name plate/sign thing outside my office door today. they spelled my name Andera. at first i thought of going and letting them know so they could fix it. but i dont think i care anymore.

k im boring, i know. buh bye. have a wonderful weekend dear friends.