Dang you blogspot!

I dont like how at the end of each post I make it says "Posted by Andrea F at (insert time)" I really keep thinking it says, "Posted by Andrea Fat" ALRIGHT ALREADY!! I AM TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!

Who you tryin' to get Crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm LOCO?

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So Brad was on his way out the door this eventide (lookin mighty fine might I add- I heart him) - and he opens the door and stops and says in a calm yet intense voice - Andrea, Come Look outside our front door RIGHT now. I walked over and that is when my eyes fell upon something similar to the picture above (Minus the glistening muscles and tight buns so radiantly displayed in a form fitting USA lovin' singlet, and flowing gold locks). There were two ENTIRELY awkward looking guys each with some fluffy homemade weaponry, fashioned after what Malibu is holding above, covered in duct tape, and they were engaged in some sort of combat. I was DYING!!!! We tried to get out the camera in time-but by the time we got it, they were already leaving the premises, looking worn from battle but all the while keeping their heads held high. What gallant warriors.

It was such a weird moment in time because what the heck were they doing? And why were they doing it on our grassy knoll? And why did they act like it was so cool? I mean these boys don't date I'm sure, and they were dressed in gray sweat pants and had brought jugs of water along to quench their thirst during the heat of battle. Really boys...get a grip.

I hope they never come back. Okay actually I hope they do because as intensely awkward as it was, I think I could really pull up a chair and watch for hours. They also need to come back so I can get a picture so that you can all partake.


Am I wrong here people? I think not!!

So there is this lady at my work, sure she's sweet but come on - I have TWICE seen her leave the bathroom and not wash her hands. So that's fungus-y enough on it's own - but the other day she brought a pan of food she made to work for us to have at lunch for a potluck and I, NO LIE, witnessed her come into the building that morning, go into the bathroom WITH THE PAN!!!, use the bathroom, not wash her hands, and come out pan in unwashed hand. So needless to say - I opted out of lunch. Ya know- thinking back upon it now- I guess I should've warned the others. Oh well, too late.


I AM SO EXCITED THAT THE HILLS IS BACK ON! Yesssss! It came just at a perfect time too- right as So You Think You Can Dance ended. I love that show, and I LOVED all of the top 4 but figured that Danny and Sabra would be the final 2. I had a lot of mixed emotions about it because Neil was my fave- just cuz he was hilarious, and of course amazing too. But then at the same time I loved Danny too! And Sabra...I didnt really notice her much at first but in the end thought she was superb! So yay for Sabra!!

K so that's my little shout out.

So sue me!

(You have to say the title in a gay/valley girl voice)

I bought the old school Janice Kapp Perry, I Walk by Faith cd (i originally had it on cassette , of course) that has songs about the Young Womens Values on it and I LOVE IT!!! (brad despises it) I SING IT AT THE TOP OF MY DANG LUNGS IN MY CAR AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!


"Wait..What'd You Say?" continued

So for those of you who have read through my blog may have come across a post titled "Wait..What'd You Say" , where I laid out all the funny incorrect words to songs Brad has come up with. Well I just got a new one. This one comes courtesy of our good friends Curry and Melissa.

The Song: Manic Monday by the Bangles
The real words: "Just another manic monday" (Hence the title)

Curry's words: "Just another man named Monday"
LOL LOL Kills me everytime I think about it!

Please people, if you have any good ones, please share!!!

Well, Crap

I went to Panda Express the other day for lunch and excitedly opened my fortune cookie at the end of my meal to see what wise words were to guide my future. Much to my shock and depression my fortune was this: "Work on improving your exercise routine"

ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING! At first I just scoffed at it thinking- I'll show you! I Dont' even HAVE an exercise routine! So IN YO' FACE!! Then I realized that's just MORE depressing.

But my question is this- Is that even really a fortune??? I thought a fortune should be more like "Next month you will find happiness when you improve your exercise routine" Well whatever- let's just say I think Panda has a little too much insight into my life somehow and I really don't appreciate it.


Oh and I got a new Template, whatta ya think??

I got a new template. Do you like? yay or nay Oh and Lara Stice- I need help knowing how to add links to other peoples blogs. Help please!

Did you mean FUN-due?

Oh la-dee-dee la-dee-dah. Last night (Saturday) Fransy Pants and I went to Bart and Meriels apt for fondue. We didn't know who else was going to be there for sure- but we were pleasantly surprised to walk in and find Bryan and Dawn- the newlyweds!! They have been living in Mexico, just for fun, since they got married in June and we didn't know they had just come back in town. Im so glad that Bryan is so happy now. Yay for getting married and being in love! Anyway- It was a really fun night- we played the new 80's Guitar Hero, chatted, laughed, heard a GREAT story about a bruise, ate cake for Bryans 27th birthday, watched Bourne Identity and of course- ate the best fondue EVER!!!!!!! Its this amazing cheese fondue that we dipped apples, carrots, and bread in. Talk about scrumptious! I'm happy to say we are going back for chocolate fondue tomorrow. It's times like these when I really appreciate Meriel's deep love for chocolate.

Also noteworthy from this weekend- we went to Curry and Melissa's Friday night to load up the trailers with 2,000 beach balls. Don't even try to tell me that it doesn't make you tired just THINKING about throwing 2,000 into a trailer one night-just to throw them at a bunch of screaming children chasing you down the street during the parade the next day in the blazing heat for Alpine Days. But honestly- It was actually pretty fun and it's always just fun to be with Curry and Melissa and their dang cute kids (PS- go to her new blog at caughtupwiththejones.blogspot.com). Then we went and walked around the booths in the park just to take part in the whole "excitement" of Alpine Days. It reminded me alot of yester year and going to Idaho Days. Let's just say, things like that are much more exciting when you're 10.

K well I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you're all looking forward to the work week more than I am. Cuz whoa- how is the weekend already over!??!?!?!?!