Who you tryin' to get Crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm LOCO?

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So Brad was on his way out the door this eventide (lookin mighty fine might I add- I heart him) - and he opens the door and stops and says in a calm yet intense voice - Andrea, Come Look outside our front door RIGHT now. I walked over and that is when my eyes fell upon something similar to the picture above (Minus the glistening muscles and tight buns so radiantly displayed in a form fitting USA lovin' singlet, and flowing gold locks). There were two ENTIRELY awkward looking guys each with some fluffy homemade weaponry, fashioned after what Malibu is holding above, covered in duct tape, and they were engaged in some sort of combat. I was DYING!!!! We tried to get out the camera in time-but by the time we got it, they were already leaving the premises, looking worn from battle but all the while keeping their heads held high. What gallant warriors.

It was such a weird moment in time because what the heck were they doing? And why were they doing it on our grassy knoll? And why did they act like it was so cool? I mean these boys don't date I'm sure, and they were dressed in gray sweat pants and had brought jugs of water along to quench their thirst during the heat of battle. Really boys...get a grip.

I hope they never come back. Okay actually I hope they do because as intensely awkward as it was, I think I could really pull up a chair and watch for hours. They also need to come back so I can get a picture so that you can all partake.


Anneke said...

Oh my gosh!!

(amy) said...


Mom said...

Wherever did you find that picture???I knew someone in high school who looked like that!

Douglass Family said...

UM ... You have now made my life complete! There is actually a blog out there where I can read the humor of Andrea each and every day. OH can life get better? I presume that it CAN NOT! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Mine sure isn't as exciting as yours ... just the regular info ... but glad to see you have one too!

Jen Jen said...

HAHA! how much fun would Nortel have been if we could've just looked out the window and seen boys like that fighting?! plus half the guys there at work would probably challenge them to a dual. There is a park on 1600 N in orem that gets these "warriors", it is so hilarious!

Robertson Family said...

Okay, I don't even know you. I found your blog on Mandy's (I am a friend of hers, Libby) but I thought your comment on her blog was funny so I decided to check out your blog. It is AWESOME! That is the funniest story! I would have died laughing watching that!!!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

This has to be the funniest post ever written in the history of blogs:)