Well, Crap

I went to Panda Express the other day for lunch and excitedly opened my fortune cookie at the end of my meal to see what wise words were to guide my future. Much to my shock and depression my fortune was this: "Work on improving your exercise routine"

ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING! At first I just scoffed at it thinking- I'll show you! I Dont' even HAVE an exercise routine! So IN YO' FACE!! Then I realized that's just MORE depressing.

But my question is this- Is that even really a fortune??? I thought a fortune should be more like "Next month you will find happiness when you improve your exercise routine" Well whatever- let's just say I think Panda has a little too much insight into my life somehow and I really don't appreciate it.

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BeckyRuss said...

Are you even kidding me! I would've totally hucked the fortune cookie across the room. Those fortune cookies have turned into advice more than magical future readings. Screw that!