Am I wrong here people? I think not!!

So there is this lady at my work, sure she's sweet but come on - I have TWICE seen her leave the bathroom and not wash her hands. So that's fungus-y enough on it's own - but the other day she brought a pan of food she made to work for us to have at lunch for a potluck and I, NO LIE, witnessed her come into the building that morning, go into the bathroom WITH THE PAN!!!, use the bathroom, not wash her hands, and come out pan in unwashed hand. So needless to say - I opted out of lunch. Ya know- thinking back upon it now- I guess I should've warned the others. Oh well, too late.


BeckyRuss said...

That is the grossest thing I've ever heard of! Who is this lady? Just the thought of her wiping her butt and then carrying her food out makes me want to puke! I'm so glad you didn't eat that food--I'm sure you'd be sick by now with Haunta virus--oh wait, that's what you get from mice droppings--well, what she's doing is pretty dang close to that! Gross!!

CwazyLawa said...


Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

EEEEEEWWWWWW....to be said as Ernest would have said it, although I'm not sure I could move my top and bottom lips in opposing directions as effectively as he always seemed to.