2 things Im SO hating right now

1. The fact that i feel like I'm SO about to vomit. I hope this ridiculous cold isn't turning into the flu. My stomach is totally cramping and wrenching and it's about to produce some seriously fierce chicken alfredo pizza puke.

2. I got so wrapped up in writing about #1, i cant rememember what I was going to say. Oh yes- its back. I'm hating the fact that I can't get the little rhyme that teaches you how to spell Massachusetts correctly, out of my head. Why the heck was it in there in the first place today? I DOOOON'T KNOOOOOW!

M- A- DOUBLE S- A- C- H- U- S- E- DOUBLE T - S

I'd be happy to teach it to anyone if they are struggling with the correct spelling of this eastern seaboard state.

fat burning machine

So we all know im a little on the fat side. (if 'a little' means totally and completely the fattest thing there ever was) I really have tried to do better at exercising and eating a little better these past few weeks(I say this as im thinking I need to go brush my teeth after eating those utterly greasy pieces of chicken alfredo thick crust pizza from Nicoletti's...HEY I said i've TRIED to eat a LITTLE better..now shut up.) So I was like totally on a roll for approximately 9 days- I was doing awesome. I was eating less, and what I did eat was better for me than usual. I was going to Power Pump class every other day, I was walking at least 2.5 extra miles a day...i was doing awesome. One day I even ran for about .3 miles. I was so proud. Although, I did run further than I wanted to- because I was left with no choice when there were some people standing out by their car smoking. like i could be THAT person that acts like "oh im out jogging, i do this often (although i look so the opposite of a jogger)" and then stops jogging. I couldnt do it...i couldnt let them see my stop jogging. So i kept jogging until I felt they couldn't see me anymore, THEN i stopped. I only felt like my lungs were going to collapse for like another 2 hrs...no biggie. and i only had whispy asthma breathing for the rest of the night. double no biggie.

So because I had jogged/trotted/nearly keeled over and died/ for that .3 of a mile I felt totally justified in watching the marathon race in the Olympics a couple days later, and feeling like I knew and understood the intense pain those runners were in. Which led me to feel even more justified in telling Brad that I had just decided that I was going to be in the 2016 Olympics, running the marathon. (I wont mention the fact that he said, "alright, well maybe in the special olympics"... because that was just rude, and dream crushing)

I really did have my heart set on the fact that I was going to run everyday for the next 8 years and train my guts out so that I could run in the marathon. And so Brad could say- see there, thats my wife. she used to be so fat- and now look at her....she's running in the Olympics(the regular kind, but no offense WHATSOEVER to the special olympics). He wouldve been so proud. but unfortunately I lost motivation about 1.6 days later and haven't worked out since. But hey- I've still lost 6.5 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks so IN YO FACE!

i really am going to do better. you just wait. only 93.5 lbs to go!

post 187

So last week at work I met this man who was quite unfortunate looking.... one of those quirky old men who says things that you don't know how to respond to, and you just hope they'll go away and stop talking to you- but they dont.

Well in the midst of our conversation he says- yeah well I fell off a turnip truck a few years ago ....................................................................................... I seriously just stood there speechless, because I swear on my life I didn't know if that was one of those old people sayings, or if he in reality DID fall off a truck.....because he REALLY looked like he could have. He just stared back at me, and then chuckled. So I left the conversation guessing that it was probably just a phrase.

FYI: I just googled it to find out sure, and luckily it is just an old person thing to say.

Looking back now, its kind of funny- like not the phrase, thats just wierd- but the whole situation...Me not knowing if he'd really fallen off a truck, or if he was trying to make me laugh... Then us just standing there staring at each other cuz I had NO CLUE what to say. But really- it wasn't funny! it was one of THEE most awkward moments of my life, im not EVEN kidding. I was so at a loss for words. If I would have laughed and said- oh you're funny, thinking it's a phrase, and then find out he really did fall off a truck hauling a load of turnips!?!?!? how bad would i have felt!!!....or on the other hand if I had said all concerned, "you fell off a truck? oh man- thats terrible" .....either way. it was a lose lose situation- cuz i would come out looking like an idiot. i dont know. awkard. very very awkward. so i just stood there.

seriously. i hope to NEVER run into that man again!



so when i post something at work (which Hi work- i never do that..don't worry!) after i publish it and go to view blog, it won't show me the new thing i just posted. even now..hours later...still nothing. it just shows my post from a few days ago and before that. i've tried reopening the browser, tried going to my blog from another blog...NOTHING!

i like to see the post on the actual blog, to see if i like the size of the font, the color, my wording, and i can check for typos...etc. and i cant do that now.


moral of the story: dont blog at work, andrea. its not meant to be.

im so in love with Vitamin String Quartet. the final 4 contestants on SYTYCD did a dance choreographed by mia to one of their songs, Hallelujah. i fell instantly in love. so i bought some songs on itunes. oh my gosh- could i love them any more? prolly not.

i think most people would hate to listen to music with me, because i love to listen to songs over and over and over, and that's just what i've done with these songs i have today. over and over. ESPECIALLY the one they did of Like a Prayer by madonna. its so good. it makes me want to be a contemporary dancer. and not just a contemporary dancer, a dang good one. well, let's be honest- IIIII personally think i am a dang good dancer, brad and the rest of my family seem to think i need formal training. no- actually they think i should never try to dance ever again in my life. but whatever. theyre just jealous of my moves. im so used to be people and their jealousy, it doesn't even phase me anymore. so get real people- this, right here,(pointing at myself with my fancy dancing skills) is never gonna stop.


for too long i have been blinded. my tastebuds were prejudice against snow cones for far too long, thinking that a snow cone could only amount to something like unto the following:

but now i know that they can be much, MUCH more. they can be something amazing and beautiful. something that melts in your mouth and takes you to a place resembling heaven. they dont have to be something put in those awful paper cups that soak up all the juice and leak all over the place. snow cones have been taken to a much higher level. an artistic level even.....they have become.....the Avalanche.

Okay- so maybe i'm being a BIT dramatic- but seriously. These things are grand. i don't know how im going to fit a couple of these sugary cups of goodness (tigers blood flavored shaved ice) mixed with extra goodness (vanilla ice cream) a week into my newly changed "eating lifestyle" ....i.e. diet. but i'll find a way.


for today i live on the edge.

I am eating chips and salsa in a white shirt.

how dare i be so brave