for too long i have been blinded. my tastebuds were prejudice against snow cones for far too long, thinking that a snow cone could only amount to something like unto the following:

but now i know that they can be much, MUCH more. they can be something amazing and beautiful. something that melts in your mouth and takes you to a place resembling heaven. they dont have to be something put in those awful paper cups that soak up all the juice and leak all over the place. snow cones have been taken to a much higher level. an artistic level even.....they have become.....the Avalanche.

Okay- so maybe i'm being a BIT dramatic- but seriously. These things are grand. i don't know how im going to fit a couple of these sugary cups of goodness (tigers blood flavored shaved ice) mixed with extra goodness (vanilla ice cream) a week into my newly changed "eating lifestyle" ....i.e. diet. but i'll find a way.


Kar said...

Have you had Ella Good's shaved ice? Divine! It's down by J-Dawgs in Provo. It's heaven.

Wakefield Family said...

Call me when you need a fix we can walk over there and get one and walk back no harm done right??

Douglass Family said...

DUDE! It is all about bubble gum! We FINALLY got a stand in our small little town. It has changed my life!

Speaking of ... next time I am in town, seeing you and doing dinner would change my life! KAPISH? Maybe we could even do a snow cone!

Ty said...

That is my fav too. what's a diet? LOL I go too :) no kids though right? LOL

ANDREA said...

kar- nice..im up for trying new snow cone shacks..as long as it comes with high recommendation.

beth- youre so on. we definitely need to go..not just for the walk and the snow cone but because i owe you 2 snow cones anyway.

DUDLEY! shut up- i miss you. yes, come up here to provo right now and lets go to lunch- it would change MY life thats for sure

ty- how are you miss bedrest? i think about you all the time and wonder how you are..and then i never stop by or anything to spread my amazingness.. but know that im thinking about it k

Lara said...

Please tell me this isn't the first time you've had tigers blood after all my rants about it.

In fact let's just go together. Deal.

Paul said...

Welcome to the new world. I only arrived here a couple weeks ago! And Abby's Silver Fox flavor was outstanding!!!

Kaela said...

Your descriptions are so great!! Where do you get them... do you know if there is a place in St. George that carries 'the avalanche'?

Sam & Amy said...

there's a place here in mesa called bahama bucks and they put vanilla ice cream in the middle of their snow cones..is that what you're talking about? cuz if so they ARE DEVINE!!! you should come visit and try one just to make sure they are the same thing..ok thanks.