so when i post something at work (which Hi work- i never do that..don't worry!) after i publish it and go to view blog, it won't show me the new thing i just posted. even now..hours later...still nothing. it just shows my post from a few days ago and before that. i've tried reopening the browser, tried going to my blog from another blog...NOTHING!

i like to see the post on the actual blog, to see if i like the size of the font, the color, my wording, and i can check for typos...etc. and i cant do that now.


moral of the story: dont blog at work, andrea. its not meant to be.


Kar said...

I'm the same way, I need to see the posted blog after I finished writing it so I can see how it looks. I always pull it up in a separate window and then have the editing box up in the original window so I can make spelling corrections and stuff. Cool beans.

Ty said...

I've learned that if you hit the refresh button you can do it. I find this problem too on my work computer. Try it out.

Kaitlyn Morgan said...

Smange I love you and all your moves. We used to bust out some killer moves back in the day! i would love to dance with you again!

Douglass Family said...

DUDE! I just found this website and awesome blog! You MUST look it up! Quilts like no other!
Love ya Girl!

Luisa said...

Andrea!! its been a while but oh my gosh i love your office quotes they are the best!! is that not the best show i think i am going to steal your idea. . .hope thats ok. also hope you guys are doing good!!!

The Nelsons said...

Miss Andrea!!! Heaven Sakes! There you are. I was wandering around on K'lyn's blog and found yours. I'm so excited. Your pic is so pretty. I've been thinking a lot about you and wondering how you are and where you are. I miss the good times. My blog is losnelsones.blogspot.com. Check it out and lets find a way to get together. I hope everything is well. Love ya-Syd

Anonymous said...

Andrea your posts always make me smile. You are still just as cute and clever as I remember. Hey my new blog is craigandcallie.blogspot.com
The other one kept having some crazy error code. So I started a new one. Chat with ya later!