just another manic tuesday

so i have way not slept good the last couple of nights and so i was really worried i was going to sleep in this morning because i knew once i actually fell asleep i was never gonna wanna (what great english i have) get up. well sure enough..... i woke up this morning and looked at my clock... 12:35pm!!!!!!!!!

i flew to the shower and was trying to think of some reason i could give my work why i was 4 hours late....but couldn't think of one.

well halfway through my shower i thought...hey wait a dang minute..i haven't been able to sleep in this long in YEARS no matter how tired i've been. so when i got out i checked the clock on my phone and SURE ENOUGH..........8:41am. HALLELUJAH!

so i only ended up being 15 mins late...rather than 4 hrs late. for me...this was great. but im not so sure my boss will see it the same way.