Okay I have to just say that you have to know before reading this, that I am not meaning in a mean way AT. ALL! It was just such a funny conversation (funny meaning awkward funny) that I had to share. It actually happened like 2 months ago and I wrote it all down because I had enjoyed it so much. And honestly- I have talked to this kid quite a few times and he's a nice kid- but I just have to type how he talks so you get the full jist. (i dont know how to spell that word) Anyway- there is a cafe/cafeteria/food court thing at my work and I went and ordered a chicken sandwich and ended up having a 5-10 min conversation (before he even started to make my food,come to find out) with the guy making my food.....here goes.

His words- Green
Mine- Blue
Tone things were said in- Red

Him: "What can I getcha"
Me: "I just want a grilled chicken sandwich, and can I get some provolone cheese on that please?"
Him: "PROVOLOOONAY!!!!!!!"
**Immensely Startled ** : "OH! Oh my."
"Do you want lettuce on it too?"
"Yes Please"
"My Phone is winging" ..what are the odds..thats so funny.
"I have a Blackbewwy"
"oh, those are nice"
"Yeah..its WEEALLY nice"
"yeah, i would love one"
"I have it hooked up to my email at my pawents house. So if I get an email there it comes wight to my phone." ...im too dang cool for school. in fact, i probably am too cool to talk to you
"Oh thats awesome"
"Yeah. (pause) I bet that was an email I just got. I pwobably have like THWEEEE emails now" ....NOONE in the world possibly gets THAT many emails on THEIR phones....
"Wow- that's really nice they come right to your phone"
"Yeah." "I wish i was outside widing my bike wight now." ...looking longingly outside
"It IS a really nice day." ....oh! i didnt realize we were going to be switching subjects so abruptly
"Yeah. I have a WEALLY nice bike. I keep it at my pawent's house." ..i am SO wise for making the decision to keep it safe at my parents.
"That's probably a good idea- its safer there than at an apartment."
"Yeah. So where you work" ..oh maybe we should talk about you while we wait for your food
"I work for AT&T"
"OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!! I USED to have AT&T. But I switched to T-Mobile because they had a gweat deal on Blackbewwys." ...i HATE to have to tell you I'm not with AT&T anymore...OUCH..BURN!
"Ahh. Very nice."
Minutes of silence. Both of us just standing.
"Oh Sowwy."
"Sorry for what??"
"I forgot to start cooking your chicken."

Ahhh...good times. I had seen him get OUT the chicken- but i didnt even notice he hadn't done anything with it. it was just too great. the whole conversation and the awkward silence with us just standing there. too fun.

4 words:

cinnamon wheat thins.


Embarrassing Moment # 3 million 276 thousand

im a doodler by nature- i could doodle my life away if possible. yesterday just before leaving work i wrote down my grocery list on a sheet of paper and then filled the rest of the paper with odds and ends of doodles using my beautiful assortment of markers. when i picked up the paper to put it in my pocket i realized that the markers had bled thru and stained my desk. so now on my desk in block letters it says "I LOVE YOU BRAD". then, where i had just written random thoughts and words, there are dots on my desk. the dots show where i started and stopped a letter- where i put the most pressure. so in all reality- you could connect the dots on my desk and you would reveal words such as "laundry detergent" "groceries" "grocery list" "forever young" "i wanna be forever young".....things of that nature. normal average things to be doodling on a piece of paper.

i don't really know what to do. i scrubbed it as soon as i realized what happened, but to no avail. why do i never think before i do something, its so irritating. there are, luckily, 2 bright sides to this story.

1- i guess my love for Brad will always be known though.

2- i left work frazzled and upset, but when I got in the car Rythym is a Dancer was on the radio and all my frustrations melted away.


thank heavens for close parking spots- so my face didnt freeze and fall off when i walked into work today.

thank heavens that my presidency meeting was cancelled tonight so I can work on some unfinished projects.

thank heavens that its 4pm and not 2pm. because if it were 2pm i'd still have 4 hrs of work left.

thank heavens for funny people that make me laugh til i nearly wet myself.

thank heavens for the restrooms being close by so that i dont have to wet myself when people make me laugh so hard.

thank heavens that i go to california in a week from tomorrow, because i dont think i can possibly wait any longer.

thank heavens that my husband cleaned the kitchen last night, so i can go home to a clean warm house after work.

thank heavens for blogs that entertain me when im bored at work.

thank heavens that i remembered to bring my book to work today, so i can read the rest of the day.


Some people have absolutely no shame.

So lets talk about exhibit A. Wiry man that sleeps and farts alot and sits a cubicle down and across the aisle from me. Remember him from the post "Room With a View"?? Well I do.

He is such an interesting fellow. Our manager has a bag of candy that he will pass around every couple of days so we can get our sugar fill...well everytime the managers leave for a meeting this guy MOVES IN ON THE CANDY!! He gets in my bosses drawer and takes candy!!! It's so wierd to me that it doesn't feel wierd to him to be getting into not his own desk. I mean, it probably isn't that big of a deal in the eternal scope of things....what am I saying- YES IT IS! He's a sneak and a thief THAT SLEEPS AND FARTS WITH NO SHAME ON A REGULAR BASIS...........AT WORK!!

He's so funny to watch try to be sneaky. He just walked to the aisle that the managers sit on, paced back and forth to make sure noone was watching and took some candy. Then about 3 or 4 mins later he circled the whole office and ended up with his hand in the drawer taking candy. He just left again- probably planning another suprise attack. Im just waiting for the sound of the drawer being slowly opened and the rustling of candy. Little does he know I'm onto his little games and I'm watchin like a hawk!

I have to give the biggest blog hug ever to my friend Kaela that made my blog look so cute! I LOVE YOU KAELA RAE and your amazingly creativeness and talentedness. I am forever in awe. Thanks deary.


I am so done with seeing peoples cracks every dang day! I don't know how I work in the same building as so many ginormously hairy men that can't keep their pants in the appropriate spots.

what has life come to for me? Is this it? Is THIS MY calling in life...to be the buttcrack observer??!?!!?!?!?


even worse...yesterday i saw a very laaaaaaaarge man come out of the bathroom and he had diarrhea on the back of his shirt. a big shmear of it. and i gagged. many times. profusely. and I wasnt alone- my dear friend Marsha was there to witness it with me. my poor poor virgin eyes. tainted. scarred. wounded. bloodied. at the mercy of the poopsmith. ( i would feel bad for sharing such a gross story. but i had to see it in 1st person. alas- i feel no remorse)

and then today. I am using the bathroom when all of a sudden I can hear men talking..really closely. how can I hear them talking so clearly?? oh thats how- the cleaning lady had come and propped the door wide open. luckily nothing crazy was going on in there for all the world to behold. but i do have to say it was awfully wierd walking out of the bathroom stall and being able to look out in the hallway at all the passersby. could she not have waited?




1 thing to say:

Jeans with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on the leg, that stretches from the top of the jeans (right under the pocket) to the midcalf.

Un. Ac. Ceptable.



I'm scared. I've never been so speechless in all my life.

I need someone at work to do something really stupid/embarrassing/annoying to give me some ammo- but they aren't doing ANYTHING!!!!!!

Sorry for the not writing-ness. I'm having a serious case of nothing to say. I will try to be better - but I make no promises.