Did you mean FUN-due?

Oh la-dee-dee la-dee-dah. Last night (Saturday) Fransy Pants and I went to Bart and Meriels apt for fondue. We didn't know who else was going to be there for sure- but we were pleasantly surprised to walk in and find Bryan and Dawn- the newlyweds!! They have been living in Mexico, just for fun, since they got married in June and we didn't know they had just come back in town. Im so glad that Bryan is so happy now. Yay for getting married and being in love! Anyway- It was a really fun night- we played the new 80's Guitar Hero, chatted, laughed, heard a GREAT story about a bruise, ate cake for Bryans 27th birthday, watched Bourne Identity and of course- ate the best fondue EVER!!!!!!! Its this amazing cheese fondue that we dipped apples, carrots, and bread in. Talk about scrumptious! I'm happy to say we are going back for chocolate fondue tomorrow. It's times like these when I really appreciate Meriel's deep love for chocolate.

Also noteworthy from this weekend- we went to Curry and Melissa's Friday night to load up the trailers with 2,000 beach balls. Don't even try to tell me that it doesn't make you tired just THINKING about throwing 2,000 into a trailer one night-just to throw them at a bunch of screaming children chasing you down the street during the parade the next day in the blazing heat for Alpine Days. But honestly- It was actually pretty fun and it's always just fun to be with Curry and Melissa and their dang cute kids (PS- go to her new blog at caughtupwiththejones.blogspot.com). Then we went and walked around the booths in the park just to take part in the whole "excitement" of Alpine Days. It reminded me alot of yester year and going to Idaho Days. Let's just say, things like that are much more exciting when you're 10.

K well I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you're all looking forward to the work week more than I am. Cuz whoa- how is the weekend already over!??!?!?!?!


CwazyLawa said...

Did you do that all by mouth? I blow up one balloon and I pass out. Please tell me you had an air tank!
FONDUE IS THE GREATEST INVENTION ALIVE!!! Seriously, the cheese and chocolate is ALL amazing! I haven't had it for years, though. Does Meriel have her own pot and tools and stuff??

Jen Jen said...

Never been to a fondue party.... ::tear::