Well Well Well...Look Who's Back

Sorry to all you readers of blog Andrea (all 1 of you that actually reads it), I've been a major slacker at writing. I was feeling as though Ive nothing to write about and after thinking about it for a minuto, I realized I have TOO many things to write about. So now I'm back to square one not knowing what to write. *Sigh*

So this month has been a great month so far, well of course it has been- it's July- and uh-hem- my birthday is in July. My 26th birthday was a good one. We went to Curry and Melissa's and they made us the most SCRUMPTIOUS dinner and the seriously cutest card ever. It made me cry. Thanks guys for making my birthday so so fun!! And of course thanks to my Braddy too. It was a good day. For my birthday I spoiled myself and Brad let me :) I got 2 new shirts and some shorts and contacts! The contacts are killing my eyes cuz my eyes are so dry- but I'll keep using my eye drops and hopefully it will get better.

Last weekend we went to my family reunion on my Mom's side. I was not wanting to drive the 4 hours to Rexburg to go because I just wanted my weekend at home, but I couldn't be more happy that we went. It was SO great to see my cousins that I haven't seen in a while and to catch up and just all be together. It was also so fun to go to Rexburg again. I havent been in a few years and it has grown SO MUCH! I couldnt believe it! It was soo fun to go back and see where I used to live and work. It just brought back so many memories. I love Rexburg!

Work is going good- I talked to 2 guys on the phone today for 45 mins and they were really upset and rude at first... but I'm basically just amazing and helped them and they loved me by the end of the call and insisted on telling my manager how great I was and how they've talked to 8 other coworkers of mine and noone else has been able to help them. So I got a recognition certificate. *im so great*

K well Im going to watch "Growing Up..Elephant" on Animal Planet. It is my new favorite show. It just shows a baby animal grow up and I LOOVE it! I've seen Growing Up Seal, Gorilla, Zebra, Camel, Polar Bear, and now Elephant. I'm a nerd. The Gorillas were my fave.

K well tootles. Hope you have a great day!


Brad said...

I love you babe! I am glad you had a great birthday! I do want to point out however a few typos that you would normally call me on so here it is..."It just shows a baby animal grow up and I LOOVE it!" I think you meant growing up! Well.. any who I love you!

Jen Jen said...

i so miss working with you and your crazy laugh!!

Andrea F said...

Actually Brad- that wasnt a typo. That is how I meant to write it, and I dont think it is incorrect. But thanks anywho! I love you

JENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss your guts! Tell me what your blog is so I can check it out. Hope youre good!

CwazyLawa said...

Andreaness. You needs to cometh over. Also, keep postin for those of us who are trying to stalk you. You're making it harder than it should be.

Loveth from myself,


Anneke said...

I have to agree with you that there is no typo involved. But whatever... you are also correct that you are a nerd. Good thing you're cute. check out my blog now. i actually wrote something. dumb. but something.

Jen Jen said...

um....you dont post enough...kthanksbye

(amy) said...

oh brad...trying to correct you and you just shove it right back in his face. haha.
anyway, and-era. thanks for finally writing something! you may be unaware but i come to your blog thingy quite often to check if you've updated cuz your blogs are my favorites to read. i bust up laughing every time....as i did with this one too! so quit being such a dang slacker.
ok thanks love you