"Wait..What'd You Say?" continued

So for those of you who have read through my blog may have come across a post titled "Wait..What'd You Say" , where I laid out all the funny incorrect words to songs Brad has come up with. Well I just got a new one. This one comes courtesy of our good friends Curry and Melissa.

The Song: Manic Monday by the Bangles
The real words: "Just another manic monday" (Hence the title)

Curry's words: "Just another man named Monday"
LOL LOL Kills me everytime I think about it!

Please people, if you have any good ones, please share!!!


Melissa said...

I do have to say my husband is pretty dang funny!!

BeckyRuss said...

You know me--totally deaf with my nearinaids--I have different words to every song on the radio. My husband has to correct me on every song because I have no idea what I'm singing. It sure sounds good in my head though. I'll have to think of some good mess-ups. Stay tuned...