Wait...What'd you say?

So one of my most favorite things in life is when people sing the wrong words to songs. I do it all the time, in fact many a time I realize that the words I'm singing aren't even real words. I do have to say that my hubs Brad has had some of the funniest mix ups- so I feel the need to share.

The song: Blame it on the rain by Milli Vanilli
The OBVIOUS words:
"Blame it on the rain

Brads words:

"Blame it on the ranger"
He sang this on our first date- and he growled like a bear when he gave me a hug at my door when he was saying goodnight. How did this boy get a 2nd date?!

The song: Hands to Heaven by Breathe
The Actual words:
"Tonight you calm my restlesness"

Brads words:

"Tonight you call my breast nuts nice"
When I asked him what the heck breast nuts are, he said- I dont know! I just thought they were like chestnuts!

The song: Down on the Corner by Credence Clearwater Revival
CCR's words:
"Down on the Corner, Out in the street"

Brads words:

"Down on the Corner, Howdy in the street"

The song: Babys Got Back by Sir Mix-A-lot
The real words:
"Ooh, Rump-o'-smooth-skin You say you wanna get in my Benz?"

Brads words:

Ooh Rumpelstiltskin..say you wanna get in my Benz?"
I actually have heard many people getting this one wrong

The song: Break my Stride by Matthew Wilder
Aaaand the real words:
"Ain't nothin gonna break my stride"

Brads words:

"Aint nothin gonna break my spine"
I nearly died when he sang this. I LOVE IT!


Brad said...

Laugh it up Andrea... laugh it up!

CwazyLawa said...

Speechless. I have never sung the wrong words to songs in all of my existence. What I'm puzzled about is this:

"Tonight you call my breast nuts nice"
He said- "I dont know! I just thought they were like chestnuts!"

Okay, Brad. Even if he was singing that about chestnuts... how would that make sense???


Amy D. said...

I am seriously dying...these are so funny. Mostly because I do the EXACT same thing and Mike rolls at me. Good thing he does not remember them. Brad, it's cool. People just need to annunciate their words a little more huh?? P.S. Mike is still telling people about your guitar hero skillz. He seriously wants you for show and tell.

Jen Jen said...

haha!! Rob does this all the time! oh and by the way...im not a stalker..i promise!!