Happy Anniversary

Well yesterday, September 18th, was our 3rd wedding anniversary! Oh Brad Frandsen I love you!! These 3 years have been so fun and fabulous. Well the first year was pretty much hell most of the time, if we're being honest- but SINCE then it's been fun and fabulous. And that really is the truth. I really think I have the funniest husband in the world. Sometimes I have to tell him to
seriously stop talking so that I don't throw up from laughing. He makes me so happy. He is so creative and smart and is such a hard worker. He is my best friend and I could spend every hour of every day with him and still want to spend more time with him. I think he sometimes thinks I am crazy that I just can't get enough of him, but I just can't help myself. He is such a happy person and he's made my life a better one. LOVE YOU FRANDSEN!!

okay- so im adding a "correction" if you will onto this post, due to the amount of shocked readers. When I said our first year was pretty much hell- let me just say that it was NOT all bad- we just had some rough spots which everyone does. don't try to tell me you didnt. k thats all.


Douglass Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS you two love birds. I am so happy for you. 3 WHOLE YEARS! I can't even believe it. Oh about Full house, yes I occasionally have to get the 12:00 pm episode while eating lunch. I HEART Jesse!

CwazyLawa said...

HAPPY ANNI!!! That romanticity of that excerpt just reminded me of the guy in your ward who said "Do you guys need to go borrow a room or something?"
Oh how our mouths dropped! Love those free speech Fast Sundays!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

I'm glad to hear the first year was the hardest for you too. Every year gets better for us and I certainly hope that trend continues:)

BeckyRuss said...

Congrats on 3 years!!! Wow--time really flies. I remember talking to one of my girlfriends a couple of months after she just got married--and Russ and I had been married at the time only a couple of months too and she was talking about how since she's been married her life has been so wonderful and the adjustment has been so easy and fun--I remember thinking to myself "What the heck is wrong with us--we must have real problems." Yeah right! Who was she kidding!?! Everyone has a hard adjustment the first year--and some are, well, just in denial. Lots of love to you two!

Laura Smith said...

K, i was snooping on your blog and read this one and laughed at your correction! Totally know... :)