These are the moments we cherish

In the past couple of days I have had some awkward moments, and I would like to share.

Awkward Moment 1. The scenario: Team Meeting, 20 people PACKED in a very small room, the boss has brought homemade cookies to share and they are being passed around the room.

So I hear everyone start eating their cookies and saying how delicious they are and so I decide that I would love to have one too - and I hope that the wierd old man that steals paper from the copy room allllll thheeee timmme didn't eat my share of cookies when he took..literally FOUR cookies when the bag passed him by. Luckily, there's plenty to go around. So when I first bit into my cookie the taste was amazing...this really WAS a tasty chocolate chip cookie and all those people werent just saying it to suck up to the boss that was standing right behind me. But then I noticed that I couldn't actually chew through the cookie. There was something in there I couldn't bite thru..like paper or something. I felt so stuck- how was I going to spit out this "cookie" in my mouth without my boss seeing me do it. So I turned a little to the side so he couldn't see what I was doing and very conspicuously took it out. Then I noticed INSIDE the uneaten portion of my cookie there was more of this paper sticking out. It was totally baked inside - and it was NOT supposed to be there. I had to pull on that paper SO hard to get it out of my cookie. There was no message on the paper....no fortune....so I just trashed it when the boss walked out a couple mins later. You know I don't know if like some of the page from the recipe book got put in my cookie- a paper towel - I don't know what it was!!!! But it kind of had the thickness that those little cupcake paper liner things have. Wierd huh. And this was like a square inch if not bigger piece of paper. Anyway- it was awkward trying to deal with the situation without letting anyone else notice that there is paper baked into my cookie- cuz I think that would have been embarrassing to my boss that brought them. So anyway.....

Awkward moment #2.
So I went to Blockbuster last night to rent a movie- cuz thats what you do at blockbuster. So Thursday nights must be pretty slow at Blockbuster cuz there was maybe like 2 of us in the store and when I went to check out, I was the only one in line. Very convenient. So the two people working are a gangly boy, and a girl, that appeared normal, but I sensed she was a little trashy. Like one of those people that would have teeth missing and talk kind of uneducated. Anyway- that's a really rude judgment, but it is what it is. And no offense to movie store workers, but they all seem a little different to me. Like way into I dont know..Star Wars or dungeons and dragons stuff or something. I don't know..again...passing very harsh judgment. So I'm standing in line, the girl is ringing me up, and I can hear the gangly boy talking to her about something but I'm too into my own thoughts to pay attention. When I looked up a moment later I made eye contact with the gangler, we'll call him, and I smiled and so I think he thought I was listening to their conversation and that my smile was a smile of agreement to what he was saying- so he keeps going. And now instead of talking to only his coworker, he's now totally talking to me too....I still have no idea what he's talking about. Something about "old ladies that listen to that band think theyre hip..dont ya think?" I can totally tell he's trying to be funny so I give a courtesy laugh...totally not knowing what's going on. So my laugh eggs him on. "its because of all the rock n roll they listened to in the 70's" Again I laugh, cuz I can tell that's what he's looking for. FINALLY I've paid for the movie, so I start walking out, and he keeps going and so I say "oh thats funny" as I walk out the door. I walked out and was like WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I still have no idea what he was talking about- it was just awkward. I guess I didn't KNOW i was SUPPOSED to be listening to his 'hysterical' assessment of old ladies (and I figure old meaning 45-50) thinking theyre hip because of some band they listen too. I dont know.. blah blah blah... still dont know.


Bethany said...

I totally got paper in a cookie once too! However, my situation was not so awkward, cause my friend made the cookies, and I was alone with Brad in the privacy of my own home when I found it. Speaking of, I still haven't told my friend there was a butter wrapper in my cookie like 4 months ago. I keep forgetting. I need to do that. BRINDEE!!!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Hopefully the paper was from the butter wrapper or something. Regardless, it's gross. Love the Blockbuster story too. Sounds like you did the right thing and made gangly boy feel a little more accepted by society that night by approving of his story:) Too bad you had to suffer in the process.

BeckyRuss said...

I have these kind of awkward moment's all the time--esp. the not knowing what they're talking about moments. I've gotten really good at the courtesy laugh--except for when they ask me a question and then laughing doesn't cut it. I scramble for a quick answer like I know what they're saying. I usually go with "yes" or "sometimes" because I figure that I have a 50% chance that this could answer their question. Such is the life of us hearing aide people!:)