You know what's funny. I was just looking at how many posts I've written over the course of my blog. In the month of October I did 1 less post than I did in my first year and 2 months of having this blog. In case any of you are dumb and didn't get that.... From July 06- Sept o7 I did 29 posts. In October 07 I did 28 posts.

I really did not like or get the point of blogging for a long time. And now I can't get enough of it!!! I love going to a blog I know, clicking on one of their links, clicking on one of theirs, and so on and so forth until I find one I love. I have found some amazingly hilarious blogs this way - I love it! And I've found so many people I know by doing that. Blogs are the glue that holds this world together.


Bethany said...

I agree whole heartedly. It took me forever to start my own blog, but I was blog surfing for like a year before that. So fun! Brad thinks I'm crazy, but what does he know.

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

I am so glad for the increase in posts! As you can tell, I am addicting to blogging as well. Yours may go down as my best find ever.