The purse from hell.....

man oh man oh man oh man....no wonder why i can never find anything in my purse. I cleaned it out today and here is what I found:

Silly Putty
4 bottles of medicine
badge from my old job
2 pairs of earrings
a thimble
tons of mail/bills
a movie
4 pkgs of gum
bean bag
pregnancy test
3 spools of thread
my wallet
2 bottles of eye drops
fingernail polish
13 pens/markers
2 pkgs of quilting needles
5 chapsticks/lip gloss
26 gum wrappers
13 loose receipts
ipod and headphones
spare key to my car
a pudding snack pack
a shoe

Is everyone elses purses that bad??? please tell me they are. what a disaster my life is.

PS there really wasnt a shoe in my purse. but im kind of surprised there wasnt!!


CwazyLawa said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show this post to JD so that he doesn't hate me and my purse habits so much!!
He's always asking why I have random things like glueguns and antfarms in there... all I can say is "Be prepared, babe. Be prepared."

Amy D. said...

Um..what do you carry around? A suitcase purse? How do you fit all this randomness. I usually clean out my purse every night or every other night. I can't stand not being able to find things. Your contents stirred a few giggles.

Jen Jen said...

Dear Andrea,
I am very concerned by some of the contents in you "luggage", particularly the pregnancy test and silly putty. But, now that i think about it... Your "luggage" would be very useful in various situations. think Macgyver or Survivorman.
Lovingly, JenJen

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Your purse sounds similar to a purse I saw in a movie called 'Mary Poppins.' Seen it? I always wanted a purse like that. Kaden empties mine out regularly so I am forced to keep it somewhat 'doodad' free.

Ali and Jeff said...

Really though, if I were on an elevator with anyone and it broke down, I'd want that one person to be YOU. Of course, equipped with the do-it-all purse and all...we could be entertained for HOURS!

Ali and Jeff said...
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BeckyRuss said...

Man--sound's like you have a duffle bag for a purse. Geesh! I too have this problem. I use to have a bigger purse a couple of year's a go, and one day Russ decided to clean it out. I think we counted over 8 granola bar's smashed paper thin at the bottom of my purse. He thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. He still talks about it. I have smaller purse's now to keep the clutter out--but I'm dreading carrying a diaper bag soon. It's going to be stocked full of crap.

Mrs.Foy said...

This just makes us all feel like we aren�t alone. I find crazy things in mine too! =)