it's friday, im in love

So this is probably a "you had to be there" story. But I think its funny. Oh that's probably because i WAS there. hmm.

As ridiculous as this is- Brad and I have gotten into quite a few tiffs on Friday night about where we are going to eat. He always suggests Mimis, Smokehouse, Italian Place, Pizza Factory, or Cracker Barrel - and I always want PF Changs, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Magelbys Fresh or Outback. So tonight I said - okay you think of 3 places you want to eat and I'll think of 3 and then we'll compare our lists and see if we have any the same and we'll go there. Thank heaven we both had written China Lilly down as to not waste our night with this crap - "how bout here" "oh sick, no way" "you cant be serious" "how bout here" "no that sounds gross". So we went to China Lilly - its a decent Chinese place (but doesn't have the Great Wall of Chocolate like PF Changs :)) and the hostess showed us to our table, and when Brad sat down, his chair totally made this noise that sounded like he farted. It was soo funny. The hostess was trying not to laugh but couldn't help it and I of course was laughing. Brad was trying to play it off but c'mon - even though he really didnt do it, its still a little embarrassing.

Ah the joys of Friday night.


Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Paul and I struggle on deciding where to go on our date nights too. I miss having all of the options you are talking about though:(

Jen Jen said...

That is funny!! only cause I can hear you laugh in my head. At least Brad didn't try to repeat the sound to show it wasn't him. hehe..

Joanna said...

You are hilarious! Call me, will ya?!

KRS said...

I worked at China Lily for 9 monthes and I must say I think it is better than PF Changs. I think the food is a bit more authentic. And yes, the farting noise did happen often. Love it.