I can NOT believe it is already November....that makes me want to barf. I'm not sure why- but I have a good guess. Life is flying by at an unbelievable rate!! Does anyone else feel the same??? Another thing I can't believe is that I haven't blogged about our spontaneous California trip we took 2 weekends ago.

Brad and I went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen Friday the 19th after work and I of course said- dude, we haven't been to California in FOREVVVVVER- let's hurry and pack our bags and go. I say this almost every weekend...and I'm always shut down. But not this time! Brad agreed and 25 mins later we were on the road!!!! We surprised Brad's mom and step dad and little brother Jake. It was SOOO FUN!!! We watched Jake's football game, ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in the mall where his Mom works after surprising her at work, and my fave part- We went down to Laguna Beach and walked around and looked at all the cool shops and art studios and then we walked down to the ocean and put our feet in the water and watched the sunset. It was probably the most beautiful sunset I've seen down there and of course we left our camera at my mother-in-laws house!!!!! I was so upset- that's the whole reason I took the camera to CA with us, was to get some ocean pics. duh. Well I sat there and was amazed by how beautiful the sunset and the ocean was, and was also amazed at my dumbness at leaving the camera...and then we went and picked up some food and went back home and ate. Then the next morning we went to breakfast with Brad's dad and then came on home!

Well we actually ended up staying Sunday night in St George because we were stuck in traffic for 3 hrs because of the bad winds and fires. But we made it safely home- kinda wish we would have been stuck in California for a couple extra days, but alas, here we are.

We came home to a beautiful fall day, with no snow on the ground (luckily we missed the snow we got on Saturday here in Utah), but there was a snowman on our lawn that someone made.

Interesting way to make a snowman huh??


Bethany said...

I wish you hadn't gone to California. I mean I know you were way further south, but hello you were in my current state and you still didn't come see me!!!!!!!!!!!!! How bout a spontaneous trip to Monterey Bay? You have one week left, then you'll have to come all the way to Texas...PLEASE!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Next time you are in St. George I would LOVE to meet up with you!!! Please, pretty please. Pretty pictures. What is on that decayed snowman?

ANDREA said...

Um yes please Kaela!! I thought about you when I was down there, but unfortunately we got there around midnight both nights and were gone by 6am. but next time- I will be getting ahold of you. WAIT- i dont have a phone # for you. I'll email you...i have your email right- or you can email it to me, andreafrandsen@gmail. I love you soo much!!!!!