It is now 5:53 am. I need to wake up in 2 hrs. Do I just stay awake?? Or do I go to sleep for the 2 hrs? Since all of you are actually asleep...i'll have to decide on my own. (why is my time stamp off by an hour? I'll have to look into changing that.


Bethany said...

Yay!! You put up a picture. You are so beautiful and I just love you!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

I love the picture TOO!!! You are BeAuTiFuL! I need you to come cut my hair again. I think the cut you gave me a few years back may be the best cut I have ever gotten. I got a compliment on it from the girl that cut my hair after you even. Good luck on catching some ZZZZs. Paul has trouble sleeping too and many nights uses Tylenol PM or whatever else he can get his hands on to sleep.

Joanna Warburton said...

I found you!!! YAY! You are beautiful!!!! I have been reading your blog posts the last two days while laughing my head off! I can totally hear you saying all the things you write. By the way, I think you should definitely go for Lotion of Ocean. You have inspired me, I need to make my own blog.