So Brad had class and a test Halloween night- so Monday night for FHE we wanted to do something for All Hallows Eve - so I made Hot Dog Mummies for dinner and then we painted pumpkins. From far away the pumpkins look cute- up close you can see all the mistakes I made painting on the black, but that's okay. (We stole the black and white idea from Brad's brothers neighbor- cute idea huh?)


Bethany said...

I love you mummies...so cute. And the pumpkins are so great. Way to get into the holiday. We are lame. We did nothing. we even returned our kid's Halloween costumes, cause let's be honest...they're still too young to care.

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Those are some chic looking pumpkins. I love the mummies too- recipe to follow??? They are so cute!