Fashion Help

We have just been informed that the Executive Director from AT&T will be visiting the office next week. We received an email saying, and I quote: "We need to leave him with the best impression possible. We are requesting that you come dressed according to CVG “Business Casual” guidelines.

Specifically, no shorts, t-shirts, no flip-flops, no blue jeans.

Men -- please wear slacks and a collared shirt.
Women -- please wear slacks, skirts or a nice dress."


So I'm really in a bind, because for those of you who know me- the do-not-wear-these-or-you-will-be-canned portion of the list is who I am! If only my closet were full of the following sweaters I'd have no problems.

Golden Fireworks Freedom

Courtyard Blues

Devil's Blood

Sald of Greens

Lotion of Ocean

I seriously think I will go on a hunt for my own "Lotion of Ocean" this weekend. What would happen if I came to work dressed in a sweater like this. Would people really think that I thought I looked nice? Would I be shunned? Would I be sent home to change?

The possibilites are endless.


Jen Jen said...

If I worked with you, I would totally come dressed in one of these!! HAHA! I LOOOOVVVEEE IT!

KRS said...

I would go with Salad of Greens. Who doesn't make a GREAT impression when they're wearing big sequins?

Also, upon thinking, I realized I've met you before. You came to my house once. I think it was to borrow Guitar Hero. Anyway...there.

Bethany said...

Lotion of Ocean is nice, but I think I'd go with the green as well. I would shun you, but hey that's just me! I still miss you. Am I gonna have to custody battle that Brad of yours? All my love!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

I think maybe if you do your hair, glasses, and make-up like this classy lady, you may still be able to get away with flip flops and a t-shirt:)

Jarubla said...

I wondered why all you peeps were so fancy last week. Now I know. And knowing is half the battle...seriously though, I find it amusing that corporate promotes the casual atmosphere, but then we have to go and be all gusied up to make a good impression. Go figure.

Jarubla said...

Damn spelling, I meant gussied, as in "to enhance the attractiveness of in a gimmicky, showy manner" or "to dress in one's best clothes".

I really wasn't cussing in Parsi. I swear.

Tammy Dallas said...

I dare you, I double dog dare you...lol