Things I Don't Understand

- Why people like U2. gag.
- Crocs - the shoes not the animal. (not that i really understand the animal). Maybe if you work in a hospital I'll let them slide..otherwise... NO
- Why Fall only lasts 3 minutes in Utah, when I love it so much!!
- Why Hulk Hogan always wears a fanny pack (those who watch Hogan knows Best...can i get a witness???)
- Why I am turning into my mom and saying things like "Dagnabit" "What in the sam hill" and "for Pete's sake". I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THOSE MEEEAN!!!!
- How Christina Aguilera has made it in the music industry- she's ugly and sings like a dying hyena...with the head of a meerkat....and the antlers of a caribou.
- What the heck my coworker from Africa is saying (thick accent)
- How I have always lived in snowy places. GET ME OUTTTTTA HERE!!!!!!
- How the lady 2 cubicles down can talk NONSTOP for 8 hrs and still have things to say the next day. (and go figure..she wears Crocs EVERY DAY!!!)
- Why the Indians didn't beat the Red Sox. (well ok, because Josh Beckett is a stallion..but still)
- Why people like cats. They are so gross to me.
- People who chew with their mouth open.


Bethany said...

Well, I don't understand how you can disappear from my life for far too many years, and still be the funniest Smandrea ever. Shouldn't you have fallen into deep depression without me or something? I'm glad you didn't, but I'm even more glad we have been reunited, if only through the internet. Cause you are the best and I love love love you. And I'm excited I get to leave you "love notes" now! I MISS YOU!!!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

How do you do it? I don't know how you keep on coming up with the funniest, most relatable posts?! I love the Hulk- did you see the episode where his kids were trying to help him with his fashion sense? So funny. I loved him when I was little even and to this day he is really only the WWF wrestler I have really followed much.