My Someday Aprons

K Dont laugh at my seriously lacking Paint skills- but here's a couple aprons I drew up that I want to try to make. Cute right?!?!!!? The 3 wavy lines on the bottom half of the white apron are 3 different layers. (I'll have to take a pic of the half apron I made a few weeks ago that has 3 different layers, so you can see what I mean.) Anywho. If I ever make them and they turn out slightly decent I'll post pictures. But for now- we can only look at my drawing and dream.


Bethany said...

Look at you all domesticatado!!! I want an apron! How come I can't be crafty? Even Kaitlyn is crafty these days! Where did I go wrong? I wanna see the half one you made! Anyway, super cute!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

I second what Bethany said. So impressed!! Your paint skills are great! I stink when it comes to pencil drawings with a mouse. These aprons are adorable- can't wait to see them all made up!