Public Restrooms and the reasons I don't like them.

* There are always those cracks on the sides of the doors. STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!
* Because they are public, so anyone, including the gross fungus people of the world, can use them.
* The toilet paper is usually thin and rough. Not nice and cushy like the goods at your grandmas.
* I always seem to pick the stall that's out of order and somehow missing the sign on the door alerting you of that.
* You don't know who's been sittin on that seat, so you have to use the seat liner, and then add 2 extra layers of toilet paper.....obsess much??? possibly.
* Those toilet paper holders always seem to be defective. Sometimes when you try to unravel the toilet paper you have to pull so hard it keeps ripping off prematurely and you end up geting one square at a time.
* The soap is made of some fierce flesh eating acid.....STINKY flesh eating acid.
* Air dryers. waste of time.


Bethany said...

Those cracks are the worst. At the Idaho Falls Target the very first stall you see when you walk into the bathroom is the handicap stall, and the crack in directly in front of the toilet. It's impossible to avoid. Like the middle of the toilet lines up with the crack!!! Seriously who designed that? I used to sit there staring out just praying no one would walk in while I did my business as fast as humanly possible. I should have waited for a different stall, but when you are supposed to be working plus you're pregnant, you do what you have to do. Is this a little too much info or much too much? I should have just said, Amen, and left it at that. Sorry!

Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

Sounds like you have a public restroom to use at work- sorry. I did at my last job too and I got real familiar with it when I was pregnant and had to go every two minutes. Public restrooms really are the worst. How well can they be cleaned too- no one wants to get in there and do a really good job because... ewwww.

Jen Jen said...

I couldn't have said it better! I avoid public restrooms at all costs. Seriously, sometimes I make Rob drive me home to go to the bathroom. HA! ALso, one more thing...air dryers...extremely germy...

Douglass Family said...

All I have to say is that if I have my baby early because I go into labor, laughing so hard I pee my pants over your blog ... then you must do me a favor and come help me take care of my pre mature baby in Page. I dearly love you Bay dawg!