The Way I Are

I'm THAT person that:

- Totally can't stop myself from dancing wherever I might be when I hear music I like.
- Sings outloud in my cubicle at work.
- Puts the Quattro Runner(4Runner..for those of you that don't habla espanol) in 4wheel drive when it's raining cuz Im so paranoid of hydroplaning, but then swerves to drive through big puddles on the side of the road.
- Jumps in puddles but then complains that my feet are wet.
- Watches too much CSI and then stays up all night because I'm scared.
- Still loves things such as Full House, Saved by the Bell, NKOTB, Milli Vanilli, Kris Kross and Vanilla Ice.
- Loves my friends but never keeps in touch.
- Listens to songs I like on repeat until I can't possibly stand to listen to them one more time.
- Will go weeks between posting on my blog but then gets really mad that other people don't update theirs!
- Laughs when people fall. (I have a REALLLLLY hilarious story about my friends grandma rolling backwards down the 3 steps into the boys locker room in her wheelchair during our band concert in high school- if you ever need a good laugh)
- Checks behind the shower curtain, in every closet, and every space that's too small to even fit a 3 year old when I get home to make sure noone is hiding in my house.
- Will drive with my windows down and my heater on in the winter.
- Won't let myself walk down the pen/marker aisle in stores because I'm too obsessed and will want to buy them all. (im seriously in love with fine point sharpies and have every color)
- Doodles on everything and writes my name over and over.
- Cant carry a plastic bag around too long cuz I'll have it twisted and torn apart in minutes.

I think that's about all for now, I gotta go to the bathroom.


Paul, Mikaela, & Kaden said...

I love you Andrea! You inspired me to add some new music to my blog... I love NKOTB and many other oldies but goodies too. I also have the same problem of laughing when people fall. I used to laugh when my dad would get up in my face really mad AND I used to laugh when people got in fights in high school. Am I a horrible person or what?!

(amy) said...

haha you are my favorite sister named andrea ever. you crack me up.

Bethany said...

I miss you soooo much! I remember lots of windows down, heater up drives around Rexburg, and Provo for that matter. Good times. And the wheelchair story had me laughing even without the whole story. When Brad and I were watching The Office last night, I was dying to hear your Dwight impression. I just know you'd do a great one! Dude, I love you. I love you Dude. hahaha

Bethany said...

Oh, and the doodling (how do you spell that?). I was going through old notebooks last night trying to find some stuff. I have some lovely Andrea doodles/ (make sure you say "slash")Andrea written all over. Of course there are more pages of Bethany, cause let's be honest I'm the same way.

Jen Jen said...

these are the reasons why i miss hanging/working (i can say working together is hanging out right?) out with you!

Ali and Jeff said...

It's nice to know others have OCD tendancies like checking every nook and cranny of the home to make sure noone is there...you never know!!

Holli Mühlestein said...

Since you commented on my blog, I figured that I should show you courtesy and comment back. Can I just say that you and I are EXACTLY alike?!?! I can't stop laughing from this blog because I do all of the same stuff! Well, except for the whole 4 wheel drive through puddles thing...my Toby (a Honda Pilot) is a champ of bad road conditions!

BeckyRuss said...

I love everything about you Bayles! You are seriously the funniest person I've ever met! I also love show's like CSI--and then wonder why afterwards I think someone is going to attack me the second I take my hearing aide's out at night to sleep. Ha Ha Seriously Bayles--you are the funnest person to be around--I miss seeing you and being around you. You bring happiness and sunshine to all. Love you lots!

P.S. I have GOT to hear the story about the old lady in the locker room. I burst out laughing just reading about it. So flippin' funny but really sad. I have a really hard time not laughing when people wipe out too--esp. old people. I'm so mean huh!?

Brandi Schall said...

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog--you know the whole blog surfing thing. You are HEE-larious! I love your funny little posts. Ah, I need more of this-- my blog is too much blah blah my kids blah blah. Anyway, hope you don't mind my reading. My blog is http://schallfam.blogspot.com