I had a BEYOND FABULOUS weekend.

Might I share some highlights:

We went to a Birthday party for the cutest lady in my ward on Friday night and played Karaoke on the PS2 with some hilariously fun people from my ward. But for me the best part of the night was hearing my Bishop sing 'Love Shack' and impersonating the guy's voice to a Tee!!!!!! It was hilarious- although I don't know that 'hilarious' really truly explains the greatness of it all.

Saturday we had a BBQ and played Wii at my brother's house. I texted my cute sister thats in VA to tell her that I was so excited to play Wii with my brother Aaron cuz i KNEW he would get way into it......I totally called it. Not only did he literally hit me in the head and nearly hit his innocent by stander wife in the head while playing wii tennis, but he full on DOVE for a ball - STILL JUST WII TENNIS MIND YOU, NOT REAL LIFE- THE WHOLE GAME CAN BE PLAYED WITH A FLICK OF THE WRIST!- and landed on his knees...oh. my. gosh. PURE GOLD! I am so dying laughing right now just thinking about it!! It was thee greatest moment of my life. And I'm sure a high point for his wife and children. TOO FUNNY!

Don't worry thats not all he did- later during wii bowling, he was bowling with such force that the controller flew out of his hand and flew up and chipped their ceiling. Luckily it didn't hit their light fixture. It was so ridiculous- we died laughing. After that he gladly wore the wrist strap.

But really- his ridiculousness blended right in with all the rest of us. We all had our own victory dances and yelled and cheered and celebrated way too much. It was so great.

I love my family.

(oh ps- HOW DARE I?! I totally almost forgot...we bought a fondue pot and took it to the bbq on saturday, and Brad made some delicious chocolate fondue. I love you Fransy)


Kar said...

It's always fun watching people play Wii for the first time.

The wrist straps are there for a reason.

We had a minor Guitar Hero accident that broke our ceiling light.

Fondue. I've actually never had any. Sounds good.

Bishop singing 'Love Shack'? Quality.

Amy said...

aaaaaaah man! i just looked at the pictures on moms page and then i came here and now i'm even MORE homesick! dang it i wish i could have seen aaron play! i know sam and i would have DIED laughing. sam laughs just THINKING of aaron, so you can imagine how hard he'd laugh watching him. we HAVE to go play with them when me and sam come visit next. FOR SURE!

Anneke said...

I wish I had some of that fondue right now - oh, no I don't I just went on a power walk and chocolate would just defeat the purpose.
I loved playing wii!!!! Can't wait to do it again... thanks for the reminder laughs!

ANDREA said...

Kar- I think you need to tell this "minor guitar hero accident" story- sounds like it good be great!

Ames- Yeah- I cant stop cracking up about Aaron- every time I think about it I laugh. He's such a funny guy- i love him.

Anneke- good for you on power walking!!! be strong...no chocolate!!!!!!! and yes- I cant wait to play again too. we should have something at your house and Tom can do dutch oven cobbler! yum

Sam & Amy said...

yeah, that something at anneke's house sounds nice, but WAIT FOR ME AND SAM!!!! :)

Joyce said...

It really was a fun day. I chuckle right out loud too thinking of the Wii games.

Paul said...

Your bishop sounds like a goofbag! Oh, wait a minute... SSSSSSSSSTop it or I won't invite you into my Chrysler (it's as big as a WHALE!)