now something to make you giggle/smile/stare blankly/think i'm retarded...etc

Brad asked me yesterday if I had ever tried to runaway. The answer is Yes.

I was young - 7,8,9 ish - I have NO idea now what had made me so mad that I had packed a bag and was prepared to get the heck outta dodge..But I only made it to the bottom of the stairs.

My family was all leaving to go to Artic Circle for FHE.

I dropped my bag and joined them.

(Needless to say..im easily swayed by food)


Bethany said...

So funny! I have now stopped gagging, and am laughing. (You needed that play-by-play, did you not?)

mom said...

Thank goodness for FHE! I KNEW we had it for a good purpose.

Merri said...

Ha ha I love it! You're too funny!

Brooks and Nikki said...

I love that! Me and my best friend (or partner in crime) growing up set up a plan.. but then we realized we were both afraid of the dark and had no idea how to get food- other than from our mom's pantry =)

Kar said...

Haha. That sounds like something I would do too. I ran away a lot when I was little. There was a family around the corner that I always went to. When I left, my mom would call over to tell them I'd be coming over to "run away" and that she'll come get me soon.

Kaela said...

I ran away once and hid in the top of an evergreen tree. It took too long for anyone to notice that I was gone sadly so I got bored and just went back inside:( Ah well.