double doy

So i tried to do this post last night..but our internet would not work. grr.

But Brad and I went to Wendys last night- the Wendys by the Target in Orem. There were only 4 other people in there. 2 girls and then an older couple. The older lady kept looking at me while I was getting the ketchup and napkins...and I thought it was odd. But anywho- when we sat down Brad said "um ANDREA, thats L. Tom Perry and his wife!" I was like- "no its not." But I turned around and looked and sure enough- it WAS! I had been like 2 feet away from them while I was getting napkins and ketchup and didn't even realize. I didn't even look at him because I was distracted by his wife looking at me.

Anyway- we went over and said hi- it was a smidge awkward cuz they were trying to eat their frostys. But thats ok- I got to meet Elder Perry!

thank you brad for the perfect graphic


Lara said...

I look forward to his next conference address where he tells the story!

Kar said...

Why was he in Orem? That's funny. And why was his wife looking at you?
P.S. I love the new quotes from the Office. That one from Dwight about menstruation has always been my favorite.

Bethany said...

Maybe she was watching you to see how long it would take you to notice that an apostle was sitting right there! Too funny, and oh so cool that you got to meet them, and while eating frostys. Does it get better than that? Love your story!

Anneke said...

o.k. the graphic CRACKS ME UP!

Anneke said...

AND It just confirms my testimony of Frostys! They're yummy!