how cute are they

this is my friend lara and her little cute face baby jax. we went up the canyon on friday and took some pictures of lara jd and jax. they are such hilariously fun friends. i love them mucho.

lara was having a bad today- which i get cuz we all have them- but she should never be allowed to have a bad day because she is so gorgeous and talented and fun and amazing and has the cutest little boy. but anyway- i hope she knows she's awesome and im SO GLAD shes my friend. she cracks me up non stop and has helped me through lots of bad days.

unfortunately it was darkish and cold and raining when we went to take pictures and i sooo dont know what im doing behind a camera so i screwed most of the pictures up :(

but i think that picture is so cute of them....arent they adorableness?!!!


The Lyman's said...

You did great. I love this picture. I totaly love the profile of the mom, when you have kids to focus on. I think you did awesome. You need more practice on people? I can't be behind the camera and be in the pictures. It's difficult to do both.

Sam & Amy said...

that really is cute, im kind of a weirdo, but i look at her blog all the time, jaxon is sooo cute. so is lara..

Lara said...

HOW DARE YOU!! Lest you forget I helped you set up your blog in the first place, so if I dig into the archives of my brain I think I can remember thine password. Expect big embarrassing things coming your way.

P.S. Crop the right side out and I'll forgive you. Okay okay and your words were sweet. You are definately my bestie.

Lara said...

(oh and not in a handy way)

Kar said...

They really are adorable. I'm glad I get to call them family. You should post the others, I would love to see my brotha.

ANDREA said...

i was going to post some more- but i got sidetracked...but your wish is my demand- i shall post some more kara.

but not right now cuz im at work and theyre on my laptop at home- and not after work because im taking care of a special needs child and then not after that because i have mutual and then not after that because i'll probably forget. but if by chance i dont forget ...then in that case consider it done.

Joyce said...

I'm so proud of my talented photo-taking daughter!