Its so bored in here

Since my job is on the Outs, its all sorts of slow and boring in here. There's 2 of us here today, and I'M fun.....but the other guy is just reading a book, so we'll call him boring. I guess I'll have to ponder on yester-years as to not go into a comatose state. Yester-years were fun years, specially the years of yesterday. Yesterday Brad and I had some fun time friends over and we played Guitar Hero for way too many hours and then filled our faces with Brads not so famous but oh so delish-shus Honey Oat bread. IT WAS WAY YUM, and not for the faint of heart. (Whatever that means) Okay well speaking of fainting, I needs to eat before I myself topple over.

Forever Your Lighthouse, Andrea

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AMY said...

i would just like to let you know how thankful i am to be able to call you sister right now in this moment. you crack me up like i've never been cracked up before. "forever your lighthouse".....WHO ARE YOU?! haha. i enjoy it quite a lot. thats all.