now!. there are many different forms of blockage if you stop and think about it. but the type of blockage i would like to talk about today is instant message blockage. I have definately blocked a few people in my time, I admit. But i HATE and/or LOATHE when people block ME! I only block people when they are very rude and or annoying and/or are Lara Stice and Im very busy and she keeps saying funny things about her being a "bloatation device" and it distracts me from working. So anyway, there is a certain individual at my work who gives a lot of crap to people, but he sure cant take any crap. Cuz as soon as you give him crap back, BLOCKED. and its so annoying. SOMEONE MAKE HIM STOP BEING SUCH A BABY AND/OR PANSY!

Now! Onto my second item of business. I get to go on splits with the Sister missionaries tonight. And thats exciting. But I dont want to wear a dress, like Brad thinks I ought. I think i'll go as just me, and not as fancy me. (Fancy me=me in a skirt).

K well thats all. have a great day

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