"Lucida Grande"- What a beautiful font name. Im hoping 'Big Lucy' will inspire me with words to say today, because as of now- I don't have much to speak of. WAIT?! W.T.F MATE!!! How blasphemous can one girl be? I have something very grande to speak of (I knew this font was gonna come in handy)- WE GOT A NEW STOVE!!!!!!!! and not only a new stove, NEW POTS AND PANS!!!!!!!!!! You know your life is all down hill from here, when a new stove and pots and pans are THIS exciting. I nearly thought Brad was going to LEAVE me for this stove. It is a looker, I'll give him that much. It is a Maytag 5.1 Cubic Ft Free Standing Ceramic top range-in white. The Home Depot has some very nice things to say about our range, and I quote:

Maytag® 5.1 cu. ft.-capacity ranges give you the performance you need for even cooking results you can depend on. This range features Maytag's Precision Cooking™ System with Precise Preheat: set the cooking temperature you want; the oven will alert you based on actual temperature, not a preset time, for accuracy and better results.......The easy-to-clean smoothtop cooktop has four elements: one 12", one 9" and two 6". And for peace of mind, every Maytag® range is protected by the Maytag® Dependable Performance Warranty." Unquote.

*Starry eyes and a deep, relieved sounding sigh* Does life get any better than that I ask? Nay.
I really don't even know where to begin with the pots and pans. They're beautiful.... and heavy duty AND they can be put in the oven! I massaged (Deep tissue, not Shiatsu) some garlic, pepper, Worchestisheireeiry (spelling?) Sauce, butter, and some other spices into some juicy Top Sirloin steaks the other night and browned them in my new 10" skillet on the stove (see above for details) and then popped them, STILL IN THE PAN, into the oven to finish cooking. Delectable . K well- speaking of 'in the pan', its time for me to go home!! TGIF!!!!!!!

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